Noob! Wallet Download - Wallet Sync - Reddcoin Bought.

Just joined the community so thought to say hello.

I head about Reddcoin from AltcoinBuzz on YouTube:

Did a bit of more research, was happy with what I saw, so I downloaded the wallet, which was easy, but I had the usual Sync Issues. Found my way here and was I rectified the issue with the help of ball0r ball0r and his supper useful article:

… thanks, Ballor. Not sure how to people yet!

I converted some BTC to LTC on Binance and transferred it to Cryptomania to keep costs to a minimum. Bought some RDD on Cryptomania and now have them sitting in my wallet. All pretty painless.

Now, time for some research.


Happy to see it all worked out! Well done on not overpaying for transfer costs!

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