Not all pools are on the same page

If you go there and look at the top news, it reports about how RDD is now no-longer pow and will be removed from the pool. Where as RDD has not been POW for a longer time than that. I wonder how many other pools out there are still behind on information about RDD.

Do you want to start compiling a list of known pools so we can research more and contact them?

raid5 Truthfully I am not sure of how many pools even ever had RDD on them. I know that eobot still has it on their pool but its is different in how it works. You don’t really mine coins there but mine a few specific and then are paid out in other coins they make available to choose from.

I just found it odd that it took so long before they ever posted about that when RDD has been out of POW for several months. and thought that maybe others would be interested to know this too.

I think that was more a message of “get your coins out before we remove them” as they did say about rdd switching to PosV when it happened

BrownSlaughter Yea, that’s what I got out of the message too.

BrownSlaughter Last time they removed a coin the flat out said so and warned people to remove them. I guess was just a different way of doing it this time.