Not receiving any stakes. Why?


I am running Reddcoin Wallet 2.0 since 28th December 2017 with 46293 coins in the wallet.
The wallet says, that it is staking, my weighting is 679976 and that I will get every 5 days rewards. The wallet is running 24/7 since 28th December, but I never received any stakes.
What is wrong? Or what do I do wrong?

This time is just an estimation and changes according to the “weight” of your coins.
You can take it more likely as a countdown.
For me it goes down to a few hours and then in a totally random moment i get my reward.
So for you it could take up to five days but it don’t have to take this long.
After that the weight goes to zero and starts growing again showing you far more than just five days.

Ok, but it is saying 5 days since 15 days now!
That is the part which I don’t understand. Where is the problem?
Is it a problem, if I restart the PC and the wallet is offline for some minutes?

This is strange.
Is the weighting still the same or has it changed since the last time you have looked for it?
If not, make a backup of your wallet and try to restart reddcoin core.

You don’t have to keep your PC running 24/7.
The main part of the staking process (gaining weight) will happen even if your wallet is offline.
If you have reddcoin core just running while you are working on your PC it will be enough for staking.