Not staking because you don't have mature coins

I have a balance of 140000 RDD which I mined in 2014.

There was a message “Staking is active” in my wallet yesterday.
But after I received 800 generated coins I get a message “Not stacking because you don’t have mature coins”.


kostepanych After staking, coins need to mature again, which is generally 6-8 hours. After this period you’ll again see the duration of staking.

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miteshm said in Not staking because you don't have mature coins:

coins need to mature again, which is generally 6-8 hours

My wallet should be opened this time?

kostepanych yes wallet needs to stay on and staking to mature faster

shadowradio Hello
Wondering if you can answer a question for me, I am Staking Reddcoin, when finish does it automatically deposit the coin to my Redcore wallet?

dazzle yes you will see special transactions that look like a pickaxe crossed. You can also separate coin into different addresses for friends and family to store reddcoin with you. Run backups weekly.

Now there is the message: “Expected to earn reward once every 69 days”.
So I should keep wallet opened more then 2 month to get something?

kostepanych that’s mostly just an estimation. Keep your wallet open when you’re able to and you’ll see the time change rapidly, depending on the amount of coins you’re holding.


If I open 2 wallets with the same address on 2 different PC, will the reward paid faster?

kostepanych no, your odds are tied to your coin weight, which doesn’t increase if you open 2 wallets with the same structure.

Is it safe to keep wallet unlocked?

kostepanych unlocking your wallet for staking only won’t allow attackers to unlock your wallet to send actual transactions immediatly, but if they’ve gained that much control, there are other things to worry about.

how to unlock wallet for staking only?

kostepanych should be a checkbox in the dialog that comes up when you need to enter your passphrase


shadowradio Ok thank you, its been staking now for couple of weeks and saids expected to earn coins in three or four days but nothing has happened, its glowing green staking, is this normal!

dazzle Yes that is normal. The time will keep on reducing. Most probably in week time you might get the rewards. After that the process will start from beginning(where you started the thread :slight_smile: )