Official release for Qt wallet and reddcoind v1.4.1.0

Dear fellow Reddheads:

I’ve committed the fix that makes staking stuck when certain blocks with abnormal timestamps are accepted and made a new release v.

This is not a fork of any kind, just a routine fix. I urge everyone to upgrade ASAP, especially stakers.

I’m only able to release the binary for Mac OS X at the moment. If you are using Linux, you should be able to compile the binaries yourself. I’ll release the binary for Windows tomorrow night. I’ve released the binaries for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

I’ll explain the bug later tonight. Many thanks to everyone for the patience and help (especially to Gnasher) during the last few days. See the explanation at this post in the Academy.

Brilliant - thank you laudney and all the other devs!

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A nice quick bug spotting and fixing, I love the speed this happens


Updating my ReddPi ASAP, thanks for the release! :slight_smile:

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Thanks bud :slight_smile:

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No Windows binaries?

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laudney said:

I’ll release the binary for Windows tomorrow night.

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Sorry, I should read the post more carefully :slight_smile:


Love seeing under the hood at actually what has been changed, very neat indeed. Got to love O.S :slight_smile:

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Updating my wallets now!

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Thanks also.
Also, Thankyou to everyone whos reporting helped guide the investigation and final resolution.

As a status update, i just checked the time difference between blocks,
The last block checked was 496414 and there have been no “long blocks” reported since the earlier mention at 495010
I expect that we may see a few more until everyone moves to v1.4.1.0
I will continue to monitor, but please feel free to report

[edited] for clarity


Gnasher It’s important to emphasise that we are talking about block interval measured in wall clock time, not the difference between timestamps embedded inside block headers which can deviate from the wall clock time by large margins.

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Also just edited my post to clarify it is the time difference between blocks

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laudney Any word on the Windows QT wallet update? :slight_smile:

reddreefer Windows binary has been released. You can download it from github at this link.


laudney Thanks for all your work!

laudney Would I still be able to stake without downloading this update? What would be the consequence of not upgrading?

Nice job laudney! I checked Reddsight and couldn’t find any long blocks today so maybe we’re in the clear already.

hydrazine Everyone needs to upgrade for the health of the network.

laudney is it possible to broadcast a notification to older clients?