Old Reddcoin-Qt wallet from 2014, please help!

Hi everyone, a few years ago i bought Reddcoin, my mac says it was on august 2014!! My wallet is version and there are reddcoins in there

Basically my wallet is “out of sync” and says at the bottom “no block source available”. I have no idea what to do? Any help ? I would love to be able to get these coins out of there
alt text

TenchiRemto I have no idea how this has happened, but i have just successfully sent my reddcoin to my bittrex account.

TenchiRemto This causes me concern…

TenchiRemto Per lead dev, back up the wallet (file -> back up -> save to desktop as wallet.dat), download new version, install, replace wallet.dat with wallet.dat from desktop, away you go.

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bmp02050 Hi, I am having the same problem Tenchi was having. I found my old wallet from 2014, I got the new 2.0.0 wallet uptodate and running and followed your direction on transferring my old wallet. I have only been able to recover 233K of my total coins which should be more than 3M. I have been searching the forum for answers, forgive me if it is already answered, but I have not found anything helpful to this point. I do see some posts that seem to require some technical savvy, but I am seriously not technical. I just need some simple direction on how to recover the remainder of my coins, thanks.

jayxyz What OS are you using? The following steps are for Windows, but I’m sure they can be applied to Linux or Mac just the same.

  1. Is your wallet fully synced? If not, let it sync all the way. The transactions will accrue as the wallet syncs and your balance should be good. You can also grab your Reddcoin address and plug it into the live.reddcoin.com search to verify the value of that particular address. If you used multiple addresses, you can plug them in as well and get the total balance.

  2. If your wallet is fully synced, try using the rescan and/or reindex option. Right Click on the wallet icon and find the “Target” line. It should have something similar to this in it: “C:\Program Files\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe”. If it does, just add -rescan to the end, so it looks like this:
    “C:\Program Files\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe” -rescan
    Apply and restart the wallet. It will rescan the blocks and pull in any missing transactions.

If those steps do no work, reach out again and I’ll see what else can be done…
Good luck!

bmp02050 Thanks for your response, just seeing it now, I am using Windows Vista, and yes, the wallet was fully synced, it took about 5 days…I wish I waited for your advice, it seems straightforward, unfortunately I had already went ahead with some instructions from another thread to create a Reddcoin.conf file in the same folder of the wallet, but maybe I did something wrong, I might have moved some files, because when I started the client again everything was gone and it was back to 3 years before sync. I then tried to fix everything and replace the files like it was before I added the Reddcoin.conf file, then restarted the client, but now it has been stuck at the ‘loading wallet’ stage for the past 5 hours, so I am not sure what is happening and I am hesitant to interrupt, suggestions?

jayxyz Yes, contact Gnasher