Old Wallet upgraded

I have an upgraded wallet, however, I have a few thousand unconfirmed transactions.

. How can I solve this? I already deleted all except Wallet.dat and resynced. Nothing Changes.

Are you able to verify your balance of your owned addresses on the blockchain vs your wallet

Also, check the transactions on the blockchain above match those in the wallet.

You mention you ungraded your wallet
What version did you upgrade from?

No Idea what version was before :frowning:

I have two addresses my wallet:

RkRApiPFGrxn2YZNaExrVSNRXbzcpBMJrx shows balance of 463632.70611034 RDD
RsuqUn5LWb7RS27jmPRE5tgxHvU2Z6o1Ky shows zero balance

Desktop Wallet shows a balance of 70 463.78550788 RDD
and a balance of 49 318 476.35321717 RDD unconfirmed.

Total: 49 388 940.13872505 RDD

Is there a repair wallet command?

cmilian Any idea if the wallet is totally in sync and downloaded the whole blockchain?

Yes, its totally in sync.


According to your first address, the last transaction that the blockchain knows about is 30 July 2014
Has your wallet been active (open) since this date and have you been performing transactions (transfers/mining/etc)?
That is, what are some of the dates do you have for unconfirmed transactions??
Do they occur after the 30th July?

The reason for these questions is that there was a mandatory wallet upgrade required before approx 2 August 2014 (block 260,800)
This was when Reddcoin switched to POSv

First thing to do… is make sure you have a backup copy of your wallet.dat. Keep it very safe

All coins are mined. I didn’t do mandatory upgrade I guess. How can I make a repair so that if they are not valid at least they are gone from unconfirmed?

It is possible in this case that your wallet ended up on an old (forked) blockchain.

Ok, so moving forward,
Backup, backup, backup, your wallet.dat - keep multiple copies

the following command may clearup those unconfirmed transactions from your wallet
exit your wallet
from a commandline start reddcoin-qt -rescan

To explain, the client doesn’t check to make sure the wallet is synchronized to the current block chain. To fix this, the -rescan command can be used. This causes the client, on startup, to go through every single block it has downloaded, search for transactions affecting accounts in the wallet, and update the wallet’s transaction store and balances to reflect that transaction.

EDIT - this will take a while

Gnasher so his unconfirmed will be added into his confirmed after the whole long lengthy process of re-sync?

there actually 2 commands
that will be suggested to resolve the problem

From the description, it sounds like the wallet was running on a fork of the old blockchain
As you know, mining ended with the switch to POSv
Unfortunately all the mining efforts will be lost as they are not reckonised by the official blockchain

The goal of the above actions is to get the wallet synchronised with the official blockchain
the unconfirmed amounts should be cleared (not added) as they dont exist on the official blockchain

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Gnasher Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry to hear about your mined RDD, cmilian.