One non-tech characteristic of Reddcoin, realized only very recently.

(I posted it on reddit 20 minutes ago. I think I should post it here, too.)

That is – Reddcoin is a true community coin and de-centralized coin.

I realized that only very recently after seeing that Binance held a you-need-to-pay vote for some coins and listed other coins as they wish. Although I knew it’s all about money and business and nothing wrong with anything Binance has done, I realized that as of its current status, Reddcoin is quite unique in that Reddcoin survives and thrives by community support in a de-centralized way, as in the way a cryptocurrency should be. Other coins? No, or at least not many coins achieve this.

Why do I say so? My guess is that Binance ask the core devs of a coin to pay them for listing. That’s why some coins got listed as long as their core devs strike a deal with Binance. However, it is not and cannot be the case of Reddcoin. The current dev team of Reddcoin is not the original dev team. They don’t have a whole bunch of Reddcoin in their arsenal for paying listing fee. The devs are already doing the development for free for Reddcoin. There is no reason to ask them to pay any fees from their pocket, especially for reddcoin buyers, wanting to make quick money.

So, we, as a community, are on our own for non-tech aspects, and the devs are doing their tech part. As long as Reddcoin keeps growing and, extremely importantly, keeps being used in our daily life, few coins can really compete with Reddcoin, not even Bitcoin.

(As far as I can see, probably only Ethereum, which does have realistic applications, and Ripple, which is not really a de-centralized cryptocurrency and solely controlled by a company, can walk along with Reddcoin.)