Out of Millions? ths

As this is off topic and has nothing to do with much but me chatting.

Am I the only one that is wishing that RDD (on bittrex) comes out of the Millionths and into maybe the Ten Thousandths ?

Meaning (as of today 3/21/18 @ 8:07 am) Rdd currently is trading at 0.00000032 , and i would love to see it hit the 0.00000100 !

As I am new to this how would the underline make this happen?

Its not good to happen so quick. When bitcoin starts bull run again we will increase with it. Otherwise there will be lots of pump n dumpers and bota that will crash RDD.

Soon Reddcoin will hit 0.00000100$. But as it is said before the price will increase when bitcoin starts the bull run again


i would love to see that RDD hit $1.00 but that is all about waiting and ensuring the support is consistent

Patience, sir. We’re getting there.

Oh this I have :slight_smile: I know like everything in life you either have to wait or work hard, and i am willing to do both.

I am not sure how i could work or help here other than do what i am doing now, Social media - retweets and just asking questions so i can be informative to other people and plant the see of RDD to others that do not understand crypto as a whole in the first place.

Seems like the bull market is coming, now RDD price is $0,001659 USD. $1 is not that far away

$0,001659 USD is quite far from $1

:smile: true but it depends on the price of bitcoin

Yea , the over all price of RDD is basically at the price of BTC. if the single value of RDD was to raise but the price of BTC was to be stable now we are talking. Until then just keep staking and for the ones doing the work great job!!!

Hopefully, it will rise soon!

Bitcoin is picking up. If it breaks 10k $ we’re in a long term bull.

What is making me a bit mad is that yes BTC is going up and at this time its around

But what is killing it is that RDD over all is going down also, when the bull kicked off BTC was around 385700 (3/7) . RDD was trading at 0.00000032.

For numbers sake lets put it into what others can understand also.

BTC = 3857
RDD Purchased = 2,000,000

over all value = 0.64 of a BTC (2468.48)


BTC = 8172

RDD current Value = 0.00000024

Over all Value (0.48) = 3922

simple math would show that despite the raise in BTC the decline in RDD yes is a gain but not enough to wag my tail over.

i would say the idea is that we all want to profit and 1400 is a good amount yes its a bit over half of my original investment but if we could keep the over all value of RDD up also while BTC is bulling then we all be happy .

Just a FYI - if RDD was at the buying point and current BTC …

total profit = 2761, profolio value = 5230.

Also I been staking so STAKE ON REDHEADS !!

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