Out of Sync?

Hello all,

I just bought a crap ton of RDD and used my RDD wallet address. It now says out of sync, so i can’t even check to see if it went through.

Anyone know how i can fix this?

Ryanism85 If this is the first time that you’re using the REDD wallet i’m guessing you’ll need to let it sync, it will do it by itself. You can see it at the bottom. Overall it will take an average of 2 days to sync or faster with a better PC, your coins will then appear in your wallet. No worries and stake on.

Motalax . I’m sorry to bother you here, but im new to all this and i m trying to find a way to start minting as well, is there some kind of place where i can find out how to install a wallet and how to mint and stuff like that without the IT language?? :stuck_out_tongue: greetings thomas

Motalax Thanks man. Had a semi heart attack for a bit. As long as the coins show up and they’re not lost, I’m ok :slight_smile:

ThomasZuijdam25 Hi there, no worries this links from a fellow reddhead roasted explains it good http://bit.ly/2m0nR3P

Motalax Just to clarify, I already bought the funds and entered the address. It will still show up even though it’s not synced at the moment, correct?

Ryanism85 Yes, that’s correct.

Ryanism85 make sure you backup your wallet to a safe location so you dont loose private key for address that you used to transfer funds.

Your funds are safe on the blockchain as soon as sync is done balance will show. but backup wallet or you loose all !!

Tip: always keep your funds on exchange wallet before you have completely ready core wallet. Then send 1 or 2 coins to test the address.

kindly, tell me why the purse does not go through synchronization for the second day it writes there is no access to the source, the source of the blocks is not available, what is the problem actually?

ivan2285 Try to set the default settings!

Also make sure that you have port 454444

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Ok, it’s been over 2 weeks and my wallet still says out of sync???

Anything I can do? I used the receiving address provided so I know I inputted everything correctly. Any ideas?