Over 1mil reddcoin, but possibly no wallet.dat

I haven’t been involved with cryptos for some time now because life got busy, but I was involved with Redd back in it’s inception and had accumulated over 1mil coins. Now, I have 7 different hard drives that I’m scanning for wallet.dat files, but I’m unsure if they’re present/not corrupted or deleted/etc. I know the address of this wallet and a passphrase I had created for it. What are my options at this point? Thanks in advance! Will definitely tip helpful parties if I can recover the wallet. :slight_smile:

Well, your first worry is finding it. If you have a general idea of what drive it’s on, great. Also, if it was on Windows, check shadow copy
C:\system volume information\ from another machine if you can, or another OS.

I wish you luck, that’s a lot of coin.