Painting Easter Eggs? Win Reddcoin!

Anyone taking part in the tradition of painting eggs for Easter…

Paint a Reddcoin Easter egg, post a pic here, and I’ll tip you some Reddcoin!

in before someone paints the reddcoin logo on their breakfast XD

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I gave it a go. Here’s the one I made while coloring eggs with my boys this afternoon.
[Edit image was flipped. Fixed now]


Ryan Looks good!

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Thanks GrayPhoenix And thanks for the tips! I assume one was from you. livefromheaven was the other from you? Thank you both or to whom ever if I was mistaken. :wink:

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Yep, looks cool!

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Ryan brilliant! :smiley:

Thank you reddibrek your tip was very generous.

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Ryan Thanks for giving it a go! I was too busy to paint eggs myself this year unfortunately :frowning:

I’ll do one next year :slight_smile: