Passphrase does not work!

Dear Reddcoiner

I installed the wallet for Windows 10 64bit. I also sent ReddCoins to it. Then I inserted a passphrase and clicked ok then the program crashed.

Now my wallet is protected with a passphrase but if I try to unlock it with my passphrase, it says that it is wrong!!!

I used a passwort manager to generate the passwort and to save it so I am pretty sure it is the passwort I once inserted!!

Help! I got coins in that wallet!!!

Sammy Anybody? I spent so much money on the coins :frowning:

Wait a little. Somebody, who can help you will answere to you. If it is really to improve, you will get it help. Don’t worry/

Advice to you and others. I always before transfer money on new wallet, I make first transaction 1-0,0005 coin (it is depend at price this coin). If it is local wallet, I waiting full sync at first. Test wallet. Open/close, password works. Password unlocks. Transfer on it, transfer from it, reboot computer, again repeat all operations. And after that I withdraw on it a summ which I want.

P.S. About tansfer on it and out - IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. Many times, but i cant said that I active trader i was in situation, when you can transfer in, but cant transfer out…

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I would add, after you have checked up that your password works, make a copy of your wallet, or even several copies, with some of them stored outside of your disk. May be even try to replace your wallet with a copy and ensure the password works with the copy too. And only after it send your coins to your wallet. May be it sounds a bit paranoic, but it is your money, potentially very big money, and computers sometimes go wrong, so better safe than sorry. In fact may be it would be reasonable to accompany each downloaded wallet with instructions like this, e.g. a common winrar arhive.

I transferred a small amount of coins to the wallet and checked if it works. But the problem is that I am not used to the fact that the wallet is by default locked. I simply did not think it through and saw the balance and thought its fine.

Can somebody help? Which encryption does the wallet use for securing the private keys??

Sammy the encryption is 256 so most likely not going to crack it.

can you provide more detail on the error when it occurred, and error message now presented

Gnasher I thought alot about it and simulated the situation and I figured out that it is probably a human mistake where I copy&pasted one password and saved another.

So I guess it is not the fault of ReddCoin Wallet and 1.8million RDD are in the nirvana :slight_smile:

Anyway I think the project is so cool, I bought some new coins, this time I verified the password before sending coins :slight_smile:

Sammy awesome.
If you think you know what the password might be, you could brute force it (we have some devs have created tools)


I would love to try to bruteforce it. Also for teaching reasons (even without finding the password).

Can you send me the tool?

You could try or not yet supported or tested by me though.

thank you!

Hi Sammy,

I have the same issue. I let open it for staking 9 hours later i after i received my stake I noticed my my internet has been disconnected so i restart my router and try to unlock it for more staking passphrase does not work any more. yesterday i used may passphrase more than 4-5 times for staking and it is clearly written on a paper.
Is yours unlocked now? Did bruteforce-wallet worked?