Passphrase Help


I have tried to contact your support email, contact you on twitter and even tried to get help in the forums, but nothing has been fruitful. Some update in August caused my Passphrase to no longer work. Not sure if it is Reddcoin directly or some Windows conflict, though I doubt that. For the record, it is not user error. If you have any recover tools or news about an updated wallet that will allow recovery, that would be great to hear. Thanks

The recovery passphrase is only a seed for the electrum client, not for Reddcoin Core. In order to retrieve your funds you need your wallet.dat or private key.

Do you have your previous wallet.dat?

One of our team members made this ->

Great, thanks! I just want to clarify one step. What is the “Target Directory” in the following steps:

Place a BACKUP of your wallet.dat in the target directory
Open RUNME.bat

iamloremipsum your target directory is the location where wallet.dat is present.

If you are using windows it should be located the directory: %APPDATA%/roaming/Reddcoin

Let me know if you need anymore help!