Passphrase Not Working

Hey everyone,

I’ve tried reaching out to support via email, but haven’t heard anything back over the past couple of weeks. Somewhere between Sept 2 and Sept 4, my passphrase to unlock my wallet stopped working. There is no way I am misspelling it as I have previously locked and unlocked it many times. I’ve dug around the webs, and it seams like this would not be the first time someone’s passphrase stopped working. Anyone know how I could recover my wallet?

PS. Everything is still in there, I just can’t access it.

Thanks, for any light you can shed!


iamloremipsum Maybe caps-lock, transcription of keybord or not working any button? Try typed your password on word.

P.S. In the worst case check your ballance in
If it has been changed… your wallet has been hacked, I hope i am wrong.

I recently had the same thing happen with mine was their any solution?

Yankees14 Unfortunately no solution and no reply from the developers on any level.

There is no devs only whales