passphrase not working

Hey all,

My wallet crashed and after a very long reload my passphrase no longer works. I’m sure its correct I have it written down and I enter it every time I reset my computer. I included the console info when I type walletpassphrase as suggested on Reddit.

Any help is appreciated.


Windows QT version

08:07:15  walletpassphrase [stakingonly] Stores the wallet decryption key in memory for seconds. if [stakingonly] is true sending functions are disabled. (code -1)

ljthefa Does it come with an error? or just password fails message?

“The passphrase entered for the wallet decryption was incorrect.”

ljthefa Okay, when you say “after a very long reload”, what kind of reload are we talking about, deleted any files?

Convertor No I restarted the program and it took a while to get off the splash screen. When it loads after a restart I never even see the splash screen it happens so quick.

ljthefa It can go fast or slow with the splash screen, depends om how much it has to reload/rescan or what else it does in that moment.

Does it still go very slow when you start it up?, can you see what message takes the longest time in the splash screen?

An option would be to use the -salvagewallet argument, to dump your wallet, and load it into a new wallet.

I’m not sure how to use the -salvagewallet files which are created, but can help you research it, as I’m going to need it pretty soon myself.

developers - Do you have some information about how to use those files?

Convertor “Rescanning” takes a while. like 3 minutes or so when it usually takes seconds.

ljthefa Could sound a little bit like your blockchain got corrupted some how. Last time you closed it (When it was working properly), how did you do that?, closing by the exit function, or just killing the process?

Convertor When the issue happened the program had crashed or frozen and I had to end the process. Since then I shut it down properly multiple times.

ljthefa okay, sounds like your blockchain got corrupted doing the crash, you need to backup your wallet.dat, properly use the -salvagewallet argument to be fully sure you get your coins with you :slight_smile:

And then you’ll need to either re-download the chain or do a -rescan on startup :slight_smile:

You can find the latest bootstrap.dat file here on Reddex so that it goes way faster to download the chain.

Convertor got a link with directions I can follow, don’t wanna screw it up. I downloaded the file you linked.

ljthefa What OS are you on? and I’ll write you an quick description :slight_smile:

Convertor windows 7 64bit


Go to your appdata folder (Type %appdata% in the start search box), open \Roaming folder and find Reddcoin folder, inside there you’ll find your wallet.dat files, back that file up.

Next, add a shortcut for the reddcoin program (desktop is a good place to put it).
Right click on the shortcut, where you’ll find the box called “Target”, the data inside there looks something like “C:\Program Files (x86)\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe”, now put -salvagewallet at the end of it like this “C:\Program Files (x86)\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe” -salvagewallet. now click the shortcut so that the program will start using the shortcut, it will now take some time to open it, because it is creating you some new files.

When finish, go back to you Reddcoin folder in appdata ^. where new wallet.dat file are located with a time stamp in their name, back those files up aswell.

Now you can close the program and delete everything in the reddcoin folder, and now put the bootstrap.dat file in the reddcoin folder.

Open up the reddcoin program again, this time like normal, you can delete the shortcut now btw. it will now begin loading blocks from the bootstrap file.

Convertor just the .dat file or the .dak files too?

ljthefa You mean the .bak file?

But yes, wallet.dat and all .bak files

The wallet.dat is where you coins and such are, and the .bak is the files created by -salvagewallet, which also contains the wallet data, but as backup format.

Convertor ok well 23 more weeks behind and I’m leaving for Utah for 3 days I’ll come back to this then. Thanks for the help.

ljthefa No problem, lets me know how it goes.

Convertor So it reloaded but without my balance, how do I restore it?

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