So I just got my PI B+ and was about to start installing software on it and compile wallet and then set up my few little miners… but then realized… I don’t have the right sd card for it. The PI B+ requires a micro sd and I had just a regular sized sd… oh well. guess off to wal-mart tomorrow to get one.

I have a wifi dongle for it so once setup can place it anywhere in apartment that can receive wifi signal. It will be nice not to have my gridseeds in same room with the fans on all the time. Gets noisy with just the four of them running.

Drakona Figure out how to get it to notify you whenever it stakes, and the community will probably tip you very well for instructions. :smiley:

Have to wait until I get the sd card for it and install rasbian on it. Would need some info on how api calls work and then I could try.

this might help: http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/24457/how-do-i-use-walletnotify

but I’m not sure if walletnotifiy gets called when stake transactions occur.
I also found a stakenotify option in reddcoin sourcecode

" -stakenotify=<cmd> " + _("Execute command when a coinstake transaction is created (%s in cmd is replaced by TxID)")


Here is a phyton script that uses bitcoin rpc that might also help to understand how to get detailed transaction data via reddcoin rpc: https://github.com/jgarzik/python-bitcoinrpc

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ReddcoinRocks Thanks that gives me a few things to look at and see where I can go from there. Just need my PI up and running that this point. Which will be later tonight.

Though about running it as a cron job where the call was done every hour or so and then at that point would trigger a text to speech reader to read some words as the audible notify about it staking and then another call to check to see if confirmed a little later.

Could also be used as a simple audible notify for any incoming transaction with a few changes probably.

Still need some work on figuring out how to get the triggers to work as wanted and if the speech emulator can accept cmd line inputs to read something.

Then would not be too hard to cobble it together hopefully. Was actually going to ask you about how you got reddcoinrocks to see the stakes incoming.

Drakona RR depends on reddsight api. If you want to use the qt wallet and the notification script on the same machine I would prefer the rpc approach.
I don’t have much experience with reddcoin rpc calls but if I understand it right you can just define the path to your shell script in the reddcoin.conf like this:

stakenotify=/home/scripts/stakenotifiy.sh %s

the stakenotify.sh script will look like this to make your pc speaker beep (is it possible to attach a simple pc speaker to a PI?):

echo -e "\a"

If you want to get the amount of the stake reward you can use this rpc call within your shell script

gettransaction %1

the json response will look like this

"amount" : 0.00000000,
"fee" : 119.62944909,
"confirmations" : 10,
"generated" : true,
"details" : [
   "account" : "myaccount",
   "address" : "...",
   "category" : "stake",
   "amount" : 119.62944909

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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ReddcoinRocks Yes the pi can accept a simple speaker attached to it via a 3.5mm plug. so any sort of speaker box used like for an ipod would work.

hmm, now to see and figure out if there is a speech emulator for the pi and then if it could use the json out-put as the source for the spoken words. such as “stake detected, amount was” , x , “with number of confirmations being” ,y

or something along those lines. Or maybe just have it play a few different tones instead of a single beep.

If I get this working will be glad to share with you part of any tips I get because of the help you have provided with this information.

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Drakona If you get this working I would be really happy if you can show us a video of the “talking reddpi” :slight_smile:

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If I get it working, still working on installing the pi software at the moment and upgrading to latest versions. then have to get rddcoin wallet and compile it for the pi, then let it sync the chain… so a bit before can really begin the testing to see what can be done.

I am sure it could be done, just have to figure out the right scripts and then set them to be called either when it stakes or every so often to detect new transactions coming in to the wallet.

I have my sd card and have rasbian installed, just lots of steps yet before can start with the rest… had to set up a web server so could check a few other things that will run on it too.

Not sure how soon I can get this working but trying.

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Had a minor set back, while installing some software something went wrong. Have to start over again from fresh. At least with the pi it only takes a little time to reflash and go again. Unlike windows taking hours to reinstall.

YouCanDoAnything said:

Drakona Figure out how to get it to notify you whenever it stakes, and the community will probably tip you very well for instructions. :smiley:

oh, I got this working a while ago via Python script - Just added the project to GIT with a README.md telling you how and what to install (its a bit basic but it beeps at you when a stake matures and sends an e-mail to a specified address telling you how much you just made:

Email Example:

New stake event totalling 3740.05019497 coins

Its brilliant! beep beep - on I’m a little bit richer! heh :wink:



finitered Great work. If I understand this right, you just have to start the script, get a login prompt and it unlocks your wallet and checks frequently for coinstake transactions? have you tried the stakenotify or walletnotifiy option in reddcoin config?
I really like the e-mail notification thing.

ReddcoinRocks Indeed, the unlocking part is done manually (so pass-phrases don’t have to be recoded) but the polling of the coin state ammount (to see if it has changed) is done through root cron. I have not looked at walletnotifiy or stakenotify yet - sounds interesting - I feel a version 2 coming on :slight_smile:

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finitered You could post this script in the Development Discussion forum to stay in touch with others who are interested in some Redd-Pi :slight_smile:

ReddcoinRocks Done :slight_smile:

finitered Good job, was not sure if I was going to be able to actually do it. still working on getting my pi setup with a rddcoin wallet. I killed the little thing a few times and had to start over with the software. You can also plug a speaker in to the jack on the side and use something louder than just a piezo speaker.

I originally was going to see if there was a speech emulator for the pi or text to speech reader and have it actually speak when it noticed the stake. Maybe you can figure out how to do that with your script.

Instead of beep, You could then have it say “You’ve got coin!” Yes, I know cliche from aol’s “you’ve got mail”.

I bet this would work for any coin wallet that stakes with just minor changes to the script.