Planning on doing a weekly Reddcoin podcast on weekly news relating to the coin, what is the best place to find news and new fetures?


I have done this for another cryptocurrency in the past, VirtaCoin and it recieved a great response but as VirtaCoin does not seem to be so much in the limelight anymore I thought I could try over here. What are the best places for me to find news and new fetures about the coin / can you provide any news on things that have happened in the last week (since Saturday).

Thanks, Joseph.

Be sure to announce this when you do this. As a long time holder of reddcoin I’d like to understand the history behind it. And why it should take off now, when there’s been little movement thus far.

I think it is a great idea, I was thinking about offering this too :slight_smile: In my opinion, it would be great to have informations targeting not only developers or geek but also a larger audience. Why not having a weekly podcast with two parts:
-RDD news for newcomers : news focusing on the concept itself, what rdd want to achieve, give more the global vision.
-RDD news for geeks: here you can go on with more details on what developers are working on, why the concept is so great in term of security, what technologies do we use,… etc
And at the beginning would be good to remind everyone what is our currency, what we do.
I believe with the success of bitcoin and etherum, more and more private investors are having a look on cryptocurrencies but for non geek, it is very hard to understand why one cryto currency is better than another because most information available is not understandable if you are not a deep geek :slight_smile: For them the best crypocurrency will be the one who can already explain clearly what they do , avoiding too geeky details and having a good marketing and nice and simple design will definitely help a lot.

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Neopatriarch Sounds like a great idea focusing more on the history of the coin, I will look into it. I am by no weans a market analyst but have a bit of spare time so I hope I will be able to make good quality episodes. I have been holding ReddCoin for about a year and it really excites me that it is starting to gain popularity so I will deffinatley take your ideas into account.

HongCha Really! Well, the more content the better! I like your ideas about seperating episodes into beginner and more advanced subjects.
When I did this prevously I focused really on the very basic stuff, stuff that would make a difference to everybody and I think that is why it was recieved so well but I can see that adding more technical details may make it more appealing to larger corparations and people who know alot about cryptocurrencies; the people who can really decide if a coin makes it.
I am thinking about seperating it into news sections (both basic and technical) and history / informative sections to try and get people more knowlageable about the advantages of the coin and its inner workings as well as its history and steps to make it what it is today.
Do you think that is a good idea, it will probubly take alot more work but should cover all bases?

I assume this will be put on youtube (i think youtube is by far the best site)? I think it is a good idea, all quality texts that are attached to Reddcoin are healthy for it, if you provide good information in a concise way i think this would be great! Especially with the Redd-ID soon to come, i think it is essential that when it does finally release, we spread the word and help people understand what is going on, how to use it, therefore making it more attractive and approachable. But also this needs to be done in a way that it isn’t shoving it down peoples throat, Reddcoin is great and doesn’t need to be hyped up with nonsense like lots of coins are.

EagleEye7777777 I think it is definitely a good idea to split things into news part and global knowledge. What I was thinking before is to split into two parts :
-Creating 6 webisodes on Youtube about Redcoins, introducing 6 aspects of the crypto currency like : “Reddcoin Miniserie - episode 1 : what is redcoin ?” ; “Reddcoin Miniserie - episode 2 : why reddcoin is so safe ?” , etc … (I think the concept of mini-series could help a lot in term of visibility on Youtube, and also give a professional and cool look to the concept)
-Creating a weekly podcast focusing on news of the week : one part could be technical, one part would be for technologies dummies
==> Of course, we would also need to have repost on all our social media platforms : Twitter, Facebook, redheads,… and engage all the users network as far as possible ( but I am sure they have a great interest in seeing the money price going up )
What do you think about it? If you are interested, I would be glad to offer my help to work with you on the content.

TenchiRemto I agree, reddcoin speaks foor itself in many areas.

HongCha That sounds great, you are really good with ideas, I agree that a small series of basic vidios could be really benificial. I will start to reserch and work on the graphics; I think the mini series should be more video based wheras a podcast is of cause more audio based so the mini series will probubly take a bit more time to make it look good.

I have never really worked with anybody before so I don’t know how such a thing would work but if you know how to go aboout doing it, I would be delighted to callaborate on some things.