please help me configure my wallet so it start staking..

I unlocked my wallet for staking but its not stacking for some reason…please help.

reddcoiner check for your block numbers to see if it is synced first

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reddcoiner look at the arrow icon in the bottom corner if its green it means its ready to stake, if not move your mouse over the arrow and it will tell you information why its not.

A common misconception is that people think it stakes all the time, it doesn’t. your coins gain coin age and every so often will stake and generate new coins. as long as the arrow is green everything is working as it should :slight_smile:

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BrownSlaughter Yep I made that same mistake with other pos coins before until I figured out that staking was not a constant thing but timed thing based upon coin age.

thank you guys, its staking now. like you guys said, I thought it should be staking all the time lol. This is a very new concept for me lol

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now its being saying “xpected Stake Time 0 days, 9 hours” when this 9 hours will end or even change?

reddcoiner This is an estimation and highly related to the total network weight. even if your wallet is 24h online it can take more time than that. more people with more coins could start staking within this time period. do you keep your wallet always online?

i do keep it online all the time

as long as it is green and online you should expect to see new coins soon :slight_smile:

most likely it will never reach 0 hours, I dont think mine has ever dropped below 8 without staking

since I asked this question, my wallet says : Expected Stake Time 0 days, 5 hours
that is few days of staking and still 5 hours? any help would be appreaciated

Just keep it staking. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than estimated or sometimes it’s much quicker.

It will stake eventually, it may even stake twice in a couple of hours. It’s a lottery.

reddcoiner It will happen most of the time its like watching paint dry even with 32m staking

You guys are truly awesome, thank you for your help.