Please help!

I transferred 1.2m reddcoins from my cryptsy to my reddcoin desktop wallet more than 6 hours ago.They have still not showed up. I’m thinking they have simply disappeared. I’m really disappointed guys and actually abit mad. I’m sorry but this coin is dead if this is the experience to be met by new stakers/users. I’m actually so mad I can’t sleep. If you know someway perhaps I can recover them would be appreciated. Cheers,

Have your confirmed that widthdrawl from cryptsy via your email? Check the address you widthdrew to on the blockchain and confirm its right right one for you wallet.

Soon Reddcoin will be able to use Redd-ids instead of long number addresses. Coins do not disappear. You sent them somewhere check that address.

I did confirm it on Cryptsy, The address has the bitcoins on the explorer. How do I get them on my wallet!

Are you sure that address matches the one from the wallet now?

100% , i can post screenshot if you like.

Show me the transaction address


A few more details might help.

  • Is the wallet fully synced?
  • What OS?
  • What wallet and version number?
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Windows 7
Not sure howto tell if fully synced but I downloaded it today.

giles i know this is a bit nerve wracking but hang in there. As long as you gave Cryptsy the correct wallet address it will get to you. Back Up the current wallet on your desk top so you can find it easily later on if you need to do a reinstall. Your coins are safe…they live in the block chain. We just need to make sure your private keys make it to you.

Ok. I backed up the wallet. What’s the private key? It is definitely the same address.

giles Reddcoin Core or ReddWallet (aka social wallet)?


giles In the lower left hand corner it will list what block it is currently synced up to. You can also see this on the stats/info area of the wallet. Once it’s caught up to the current block, which as of right now is 476,334, your wallet will be fully synced. Can you confirm the wallet is fully synced?

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No it’s still syncing, should be all good. Thanks for all your help!

giles Okay :slight_smile: the reddcoins you transferred should show up when it is fully synced then!


giles Don’t worry about that right this minute…all I am trying to tell you is…that your coins are safe…they always have been…they are in the blockchain…what you actually get in your wallet is your private keys for the coins. Once you get your Wallet Synced up your coins will show up there. I run the QT wallet on both my WIndows Machine with Win 7 and my Mac.
I had issues with QT when it installed throwing errors…I IGNORED the errors and it installed and ran safely. I am at a loss right now because my Windows machine is not with me…so I am not able to really go step by step with you but there are people here who will help.
In the meantime relax and don’t do anything rash. I would back up the client to the desktop…not your usual place…but the desktop so if you wind up reinstalling you can find your back up easily

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Great example of the proper use of this trouble-shooting section, good to see that it is solved and you are happy again!


giles Mine is saying 476345 as of 723pm