Translate 100000 RDD at once, or 100 times for 1000RDD? How much will this affect PoS?

Having multiple inputs when generating coins means that not all your coins will be used when the stake is rewarded, meaning you will have some coin-age rather than everything get set back to zero…it will generate less RDD / stake though because it’s a smaller percentage of the total coins you have. 5% of 100 vs 5% of 100000…

bmp02050 But the probability of obtaining a reward will be higher and hence the same income, isn’t it?

KUSO4EK I think so. Back when I had a few million RDD broken into tons of different accounts, I would stake once or twice a day for a few hundred RDD or go a couple days and stake for 1k+…

bmp02050 KUSO4EK

Correct on the multiple inputs response!!
And further, when you do have more than 2.5M coins, you will find the POSv algorithm does this automatically (splitting and combining) to help maintain some coinage