Possible crowdfund

John, I was just thinking. Is it a possibility to have a crowdfund with Reddcoin in order to get much needed funding to developers etc…? I was thinking that maybe a group from the community could start to raise a certain amount of Reddcoin and have this as the coins for a crowdfund. Whatever the crowdfund is able to raise would be an incredible financial help to all developers working with Reddcoin. Is this even a possibility or would this not be good for Reddcoin?

Let me know what you think.

altcoinbonanza funding is important for the short to medium term, and there is a longer term goal that our efforts will create a self funding mechanism, not only for the Reddcoin team, but anyone who is on board.

For the short and medium terms I have had many thoughts about how to progress funding.

I do like the idea of crowd-funding, and I have also kicked this around.
Ultimately, those who put in to the fund, will want to get something back in return - and understandable so.
I have not yet cemented what that “something” is

So I am open to ideas on this - community brainstorm welcome

I have watch many projects start, request funding (VC, private investors, etc) and then shortly after collapse .
These are ‘flash in the pan’ operations with no long term goals, and the only ones who have really benefited have been the founders and early adopters have lost out.

Like it or loathe it, Facebook started off in very humble beginnings.
They had a catchy idea, that was functional before going out to seek investment.

This subject could be an entire essay really.

So to answer your question, any attempt to raise capital would be welcome.
Recently we opened 3 addresses for donations from community members to serve

Donation Addresses

Purpose Address
Development Fund RaWe7UEQ1p2PYmdwbCxAThrq4GucNh3Q6s
Administration Fund RfmC2s2zUwkWT6cZNQiKQ6VN5xYVS3jE3V
Operations Fund RwjWKJMY6NNehGWvWRQqmUw7HTriD2GDEB

Where we raised about 32MM RDD
Each of these addresses are also set for staking

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Gotcha. I totally see your point.

altcoinbonanza when we pull all our ideas together we will have a winning application.

I havent made public everything I am working on, only enough such that we can demonstrate the true power of a decentralised tipping platform, one that is not locked to a single social platform.

Then lets bring it to the market!!

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I think this is actually better and more sustainable if you ask me. I was tending to a crowdfund idea but when I think of the grass roots and a platform led by it’s community this speaks volumes. This is the correct path to take and I am glad that we can help make Reddcoin a true force to be reckoned with. With Changetip losing the battle on the tipping market begs to ask how you can mismanage $3.5 million in seed money. I don’t known how this is possible but they dropped the ball somewhere. Reddcoin has a unique opportunity here to learn form these mistakes and become a truly decentralized platform with incredible tools that users all over the world will want to participate in.


altcoinbonanza It will be very difficult even I have found a more effective way to deter intruders.
I used to make a proposal for group skating, But halted because of no time and bad methods found. Now I need to re-post again after BIP44 based is more efficient than the multi-sign.