POSv marketing

Hi! What do you think of putting some emphasis on the hashing algorithm, proof of stake velocity? it might be advertised and its consequences explained on the first page of the website,
as it is for vericoin : http://www.vericoin.info/

FaintinGoat in principle i think it would be good to continue to promote PoSV is all ways possible.
Apart from the PoSV whitepaper (which is quite difficult for the average person to digest) there is not a short bullet list of the features and advantages of PoSV

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What about dual coin chains? VRC has implemented this now.
[link text](link url)

bitnation how are they using this feature?

Vericoin is their original blockchain and now they have another blockchain called verium

"Verium will be the first reserve commodity enforced by the protocol PoWT and Vericoin via PoST and will continue to be a near costless decentralized currency. This would treat PoW differently in that it would be exclusively a tradable scarce resource. The currency and reserve roles are incentivized via higher minimum send fees of Verium and slower block-times, which enable stable, secure mining and dis-incentivizes spending. This way there are value added costs that are required to enhance the entire system, yet not necessary for a seamless, near costless, fully decentralized currency.

As Vericoin/Verium Co-developer Douglas Pike states “Verium brings more security, faster transaction times and lower fees in VeriCoin the currency through Verium the reserve commodity”."

erkan bitnation The next phase of PoSV will improve on the block reward system.

With the next version of PoSV, Reddcoin will be creating stronger incentives for staking wallets, and providing higher staking rewards without increasing the current supply rate. (inflation remains the same, but those who are staking will be better rewarded)

We have a strong POS coin, relative to others in the terms of node count, and have maintained a relatively constant node count over the last 2 years
Peerign nodes

Regardless of which ever coin you are supporting, one of the is critical items with all cryptocurrencies is maintaining a healthy network. A decentralized and well distributed network is a healthy network. I believe that Reddcoin has maintained that network
Reddcoin node distribution

The goal for introducing an improved PoSV is to continue to help maintain the network and reward those users who are committed to running nodes now and into the future .

BTW, I found the supplied article on vericoin interesting reading,

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