price is up :) any news?

Any news? price is going up… :slight_smile:

ymod If I had to guess:

Speculation is not good! Again and Again! Followed by huge dump!

I think the discussion going on about removing posts and full disclosure from the dev team is helping with Reddcoin confidence. Censorship tends to make people wary, and full transparency has the exact opposite effect.


@_Rredd except when full transparency leads to issues where people complain about upcoming changes because it does not suit their desire of how the coin should be personally.

Drakona Well to be honest that’s perfectly acceptable. A cryptocurrency doesn’t belong to any individual or entity, but to the community that uses it. If somebody wants to complain about upcoming changes they can personally submit the changes they would like to see instead of what they feel the developers are doing wrong, or if they lack the technical ability they could hire someone to do it for them. If enough people believe the developers are headed in the wrong direction they can choose to fork or even make their own cryptocurrency. It’s this very open source decentralized nature of cryptocoins that gets me excited :slight_smile:


@_Rredd ah but you see the caveat of a fork is that it creates another coin or direction that only some may go with. thus spliting the community and not strengthening it. Doing so leads to more crap coins being made at times that have shorter life spans and are really only good as pump and dump on exchanges.

a weak coin community leads to less belief in the coin and it having less of a marketcap over time. for unless that new fork/coin has a big enough support group it will not do so well in the beginning or possibly ever.

Sounds like classic bad news is good news.