Probably a dumb question

Apologize if this has been answered because, if so, I was unable to find it. I am new to reddcoin and bought in about 2 weeks ago. From all the info I see online, I should be able to unlock my wallet to stake my coins. The problem is that “Unlock wallet” is not in the settings menu. Did they change the method of staking since those articles were written? What am I missing here?
I have had my coins in my wallet for 2 weeks so this shouldn’t be a maturity issue right?

sherbie12 I do not know about this version but in the previous version the wallet was automatically unlocked by default. when I upgraded to the latest version, I personally locked the wallet or rather encoded it. SO maybe if U didn’t lock it yourself it is unlocked.
DO you know where to look if U are staking? It is a green UP arrow in the bottom right corner. Hover over it and there it should say like average weight,total weight, network weight and how many days til reward. And it takes 8hours for coins to mature nothing more.