Problem with Cryptopia (it can't create a BTC deposit address) !

Hello - I’m a newbie and I want to buy RDD… I can’t get on Bittrex because they’re only accepting corporate accounts, so I’m trying to use Cryptopia… but they can’t create a deposit address (I tried several times for a BTC deposit and also for a BCH deposit… same error message each time.

HELP ! (Please)

ArcticToby Bro I have an account in bittrex. I could help you out. No fees or whatever. I could purchase the coins for you. Let me know how many RDD do you want.

ArcticToby Why don’t you use


False alarm - I tried again just now and it worked… they must just be overwhelmed with traffic :smiley:

RustyNail Hey - that is a very kind offer… I may take you up on that. How would we do that logistically?

Cornet Hey - that’s an awesome suggestion - Thanks ! It looks pretty straightforward… definitely beats what I was trying to do !

ArcticToby You tell how many you need. I buy it with my coins. Then you send me the btc that I spent and I send you the RDD. I can do upto .06BTC right now, which is around 80000 RDD,

Cornet I’m gonna tip you when I finally get the RDD into my wallet… this solves my other 2 issues as well (Tron and Verge) - thanks for the awesome suggestion !

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RustyNail Thanks again for your offer !! But I have received a simple solution that will kill all 3 of my birds with one stone… I very much appreciate that you take time to make a generous offer like that !

ArcticToby Good for you, bro! RDD is the most promising of all cryptos! I hope you get the most out of it!

ArcticToby Reddcoin is available at both Bittrex & Cryptopia, and both are opening or suspending registration due to over-loads & they open registrations back again.