Problems with the reddcoin tipbot on twitter

Hey everyone, I have problems with the withdrawal of reddcoins from the twittertipbot. I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I thought I’d try regardless. I have followed the procedure lined out on the wiki page of the subreddit which is linked from the official site, however all I get is an unhelpful

error occurred in your tip/withdraw of $Amount Reddcoin(s) to $Address.

I have posted a similar issue on the subreddit, but so far there have been no helpful responses. I assume from reading similar threads over there and it seems somebody in the know had to do something on their end.

Does anybody know how to proceed or whom to ask? Thanks in advance.

some devs will look into the issue. It is know however, that the tipbots have been less maintained as of lately.
So less support with them.Some one will contact you.


Thanks! This at least makes me feel somewhat better. I guess I’ll wait patiently for a little bit longer then.

Sorry, I would have been a dev, I would have helped you.
All hands are on Redd-ID right now.

DeadPool are the devs going to keep to the time frame on the road map in regards to reddid release , asking out of interest.
I do have faith in reddcoin and no matter what I’m going nowhere, I believe in this coin and it’s vision.

Tipbot withdrawal issue is now resolved
Withdraw your coins for staking :slight_smile:

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thank you John. wunruk can you try the withdrawal ? Thanks.
ugofred87 actually, we are already behind for redd-id release in terms of official availability. However, tutorials have been released not so late to show progress and that it is working. We are in the stage of refining and finalizing Redd-ID and soon entering beta testing.

DeadPool count me in for beta testing :), what is rough time scale for this beta release?

don’t know. When Gnasher says it is :slight_smile:

The withdrawal worked fine a few days ago. Thanks again!