Profit Stalking Of Reddcoin Wallet ---> Read This ..!!

Can someone explaint … newbie HERE
Actually how much revenue from stalking with the total amount of coin we have, every single day ?
or stalking here just for lucky ?

I finally got my wallet synched and my 14k coins ready to stake, according to the wallet I’ll see a reward once ever 1019 days.

Bit_By_Bitcoin said in Profit Stalking Of Reddcoin Wallet ---> Read This ..!!:

reward once ever 1019
for reward must be waiting 1019 day ?

It’s down to 940 now so I imagine as my coins ‘mature’ in my wallet it will increase the rewards.

Hi Guys,

I think i have the same question, my wallet is sync. and stacking however expected to earn reward in 5233 days.
How many coins should i have to get some interesting rewards ?


I moved roughly 150k coins to my wallet 6 days ago and it initially told me that it would take over 600 days to earn rewards. Now it is telling me that it will take 2 days. Since the weight appears to be based upon the number of coins and the age of those coins I suggest you let them sit for a bit and see if you get a more favorable result.

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Better if the Reddcoin give a real percent proof stalking every single day …

dmarkussen Thx for your feedback.
It would be nice to have some kind of stacking per coins amount, wondering if devs can shed some light on us :slight_smile: