Promote Globally with A Campaign

I am from India and I didn’t knew about Reddcoin until a YouTube video was about it.

We are promoting it in Global scale then why don’t divide the work of Promotion Country wise and then decentralise it in regions and soon we are reaching a global scale.

Its a difficult task but its not an impossible one I want to use Reddcoin to Phone to a movie ticket

For that we need partners and People who are willing to buy RDD with their INR or USD or any other currency,

We have a small but thriving community who will spread the word.

Most torrent producers use Bitcoin for donation why not Reddcoin because they don’t know about it or their users don’t.

Let’s build the biggest campaign for Reddcoin.

What should we do?

Tweet about the #ReddCoinCampaign Let’s make it trending not only on Twitter but on Fb too and on a single day with consensus so we gave maximum number of tweets and post.

Making it Big

A giveaway on same day and launch of at least 5 faucet which max the chances of people getting involved and then we keep it trending for a week and then We know the result​:grin::grin::grin::grin:

It is easy to say but we created ReddCoin what’s a Campaign Let’s Make It Big

If you think its a nice idea plz support

Most of us use torrents so I would like if you can reach in it to your favorite torrent up loader and convince them to use Reddcoin wallet for donations.

Please Comment if you are reaching out to Torrent uploder

ReddHeads if you are really interested please post as we can then form a plan of action.

AkshatBahety I agree with you that now is good time for promotion Reddcoin. If you want my opinion better than campaign for “torrent user” is education action for fans of cryptocoins.

We can use for this Twitter, Facebook and other social media. But it should well be organised and coordinated action. :wink:

Torrent community in my opinion is not the best target. Lately governments of part European countries started on seriously to fight with pirates using torrents. So torrent community started reducing in Europe.

But in Asian countries Your plan might works. :wink:

Nero90 Thanks for such a genuine opinion I think you are right.

We should aim on social networks first for spreading the word and then reach out to smaller target such as torrents and evrything.

Stay in touch.