Promote the Video Get Listed on Poloniex

If you can promote the video, which ReddCoin already has, then the coin will skyrocket. So far, only 42,000 views were made on the video. It has around 12,000 views before the big jump that the coin made. If you can get approximately 100,000 or even 1,000,000 views on that video, then the coin will surely skyrocket. Likewise, if you can get the coin listed on the Poloniex exchange, then it will also help out tremendously! Poloniex is where a lot of the big shot coins are listed.

Roadmap to success… you’re welcome.

Video link:

How to promote the video? Go ahead, everyone who is a part of the ReddCoin network/community. Comment on the video, add more hashtags to the video, more keywords, etc. The video needs activity. If you have not yet done so, go ahead and click like on it, at the very least. Let’s get this coin going. Start talking to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc to get more attention and perhaps partnership from the leading social media websites.

shooriko what video? Can u give the link? Sorry newbie here. I just see reddcoin is a great potential coin.

the reddcoin video…good point. lets promote people

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When is the redid release? On the road map it says Q2 2017, does it mean soon? What time frame are we looking at?

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There you are!! :slight_smile:

ugofred87 That means by the end of June. That should be end of Q2 in 2017.

Good job everyone! The volume for ReddCoin has doubled in the last day! Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to promote ReddCoin!! The best way to probably promote it is by getting people to see their amazing video!!

Video link:

There is so much positive feedback about this coin, it is a great product, we just need to get people’s attention so that more people can see it!! The product sells itself, just the product has not been seen by many. Let’s promote this coin!! I believe it will be in the top three-four crypto currencies eventually. BitCoin, Etherium, ReddCoin, Ripple.

shooriko I joined reddcointalk forum couple of weeks ago after buying my first reddcoins, I’m a great believer already and I am currently spreading the word like wild fire!!!

ugofred87 We need to encourage the development team to continue ramping up progress, getting the word out there of their accomplishments, and also promoting the product via videos, new updates, new releases, etc. I think mostly what this coin is missing is publicity. From the pitch that this coin has in the video - to my limited knowledge - this may be one of the greatest coins out there. In comparison to what is out there, we have BitCoin, which is the original, the second largest Etherium, which offers tremendous security from what it looks like. But I believe this coin should literally be in the top THREE because it is attempting to capture a market that is bigger than any other coin available. Most other coins just provide perks of being fast and secure, something about wallet capabilities, mining perks, holding perks, etc. Nothing that cannot be added or even improved by another coin. However, if a coin can capture the social medias, then it would capture the majority of the market, in my humble opinion, because almost everyone who is technologically advanced uses some form of social media.

This coin has risen by 1,000% in approximately the past two weeks. I believe that people who were investing also saw the tremendous potential in this coin, that is why, the product literally began to sell itself and ReddCoin was raising much more than any other coin on the market during the past week and a half. At one point, I believe it was up like 2,000% in a 7 day period. Then the whole BitCoin market started to sink and everyone started selling out, not just out of ReddCoin, but almost every cryptocurrency on the market. Now BitCoin is back to where it was about a week ago, and as you can probably see, ReddCoin is going back up again.

shooriko Don’t worry, the dev team are hard at work! Redd-Id is on it’s way!

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I have 3,750 coins in my wallet, as soon as Reddcoin picks high on Dec I will have more than $4,300 because I’m pretty sure that in December 2017 or January 2018 Reddcoin will be $1.5 or $1.35 guys buy more coins to flourish your future.

If you are willing to share a light moment with me about Redddcoin Pls whatsapp me at +255764646211 or email me at I’m in Tanzania East Africa.

Very happy to see Rdd got listed on!

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