Proof of concept number 1

Just wanted to post a short proof of concept i am working on.
Although quite simple (KISS) it is the start of what should be an easy method to tip anywhere
What you are seeing is a test plugin for Reddit (just my test location) where you are able to click an additional link (Redd Tip) associated for each user comment and launch a modal window for entering tip details.
Will update this post during progress

Good stuff!

Redshift About time to show that real work is being done, and there is a confidence in what we have.


If you look at Bitcoin Nakamoto released the core and then left the coin to fend for itself.
We dont have commit & github access to the code yet and we may never. The day may come when we have to fork in order to survive. Until then we work with what we have.

Redshift Totally agree.
As long as there is interest, we are good.

That’s friggin’ cool!!

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Thanks, still a ways to go, and the hardest step is usually the first.
I feel confident that i have a nice solution that most will be happy with.
There is still a long path to walk, and ultimately i will need others involved,

I just wanted to show that there is still some exciting stuff happening

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Gnasher We still need a verified Community fund raising address to send coins to…
also we need to put any projects we undertake to a vote for funding.
Any word from Jonathon Pattenaude or are we still being ignored.
Forget I asked, really.

Gnasher this is the greatest post I have seen on this forum in a long time :smiley:

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John - Doesn’t this already exist?

tralf’s work from last spring/summer.

I came back to revisit tralf plugin, and unfortunately it is listed as corrupt after installation.
Maybe some incompatibility with later versions of chrome (didnt try firefox)
From what i understand, the plugin allows interaction with the 3 tipbots registered on redd/twitter/twitch

What i am attempting to do is take tipping beyond the reliance of tipbots entirely and also provide an expanded social set


Great to see you making the first move into new development. Go for it Gnasher !