Question about install/use Reddcoin wallet

Hello to you all Reddcoiners, hope this finds you well.

I am new to RDD, just purchased a little bit to hold long term, but I have a question with the reddcoin wallet. I have grabbed a copy for my Mac, it is been syncing up for the last couple hours. My question is, am I going to be another node on the network with the whole block chain downloaded/synced up with the rest of the world on my laptop? It said it needs a 20Gb on the disk for the data and it will keep growing, that tells me I do not have just a wallet, I have the entire network running on my computer, all the transactions/blocks however you name it… Is this the way to go? Is this the simplest solution to have RDD wallet? Or I am missing something/confused? Could this participation into the network be made optional? Like I can opt in if I want to, otherwise just get the wallet which should be a few megabytes? Do I have to sync it up with the entire network every time I want to access my own wallet? It is currently like 1% sync up completed, and it tells me “Last block received was generated 3 years and 27 weeks ago”, this tells me I am downloading all the blocks ever existed out there, now the question is, what if this thing grows like facebook, or even bitcoin itself, my 250Gb hard drive is a drop in the ocean right? Sorry for so many questions but I want to understand the architecture here…

Thanks and have a great weekend.

There is a way to reduce the time for sync.
Just look at my signature :wink:
And the good thing that it only takes 3,5GB until now.
The Reddcoin blockchain doesn’t need that much storage space by far.

One of this other questions I’m also curious about. I currently have Coinimi on my phone as a wallet that supports Reddcoin, do I need the wallet to sync before I can create my own key? I want to get my coins off of the exchange they are on.

Bit_By_Bitcoin I had kind of the same question, i’ve made a new threat for the whole “how to transfer reddcoins from online wallets and how does it work” thingy.