Questions re: tipping on Reddcointalk

Just wondering a few things about how tipping will work here on Reddcointalk. The new tip buttons are awesome but it would be great to have visible tipping built into the forums for us Reddheads to send coins back and forth.

Is that a part of the plan? Will there be tipbot-style tipping implemented? Or some other type of “native” tipping? Any timeframe?

GrayPhoenix not sure but may be important to note that this forum wasn’t entirely built by the devs. it was made from

So not sure how easy it would be but either way I think the devs could manage it (;

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I am sure there is something that is going on in the back end (or maybe not so putting this out there)
I just got my first draft of having embedded tipping working on my blogging website (still top secret page as i have been working on mechanics and not content) But as a part of that, I was looking into what is required at designing similar type plugins to this forum and others

the basic side of what i did was,

  • the user needs to register on the site
  • user is able to provide their reddcoin tip address (if they want to participate) in their registration details
  • if the reddcoin address is provided, then the web backend populates each post or comment the user makes with a button pointing to the users provided wallet address

Something like
Comments tipping

It is still in its infancy, and i am working on embellishments

A few questions come to mind particularly about the visual presentation of tips as i think this is important also

  • Would you wish to see embedded in the post/blog that a tip was made
  • Would you wish to see who made the tip and how much was tipped
  • If it were a button associated with tipping, would seeing an associated tip count suffice (total count of tips)?
  • If it were a button, would seeing the total tip amount suffice?

Gnasher That sounds great! On this forum, it would be cool if it would create a new post with something like “Gnasher tip 25000 RDD” and then maybe you could add a custom label like “beer”. I like the idea of something tallying your total number of tips too. I really like the way the Reddit tipbot functions, just without typing commands.

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Gnasher As for your questions at the end. I say any of those are good, but dont use all just 1 or 2. For instance I made a page where 1 redd = 1 like and everyone can see all the likes there by seeing the total amount tipped.

As for what GrayPhoenix is talking about I feel “native tipping” (and your view of it could be different and so could his) is where I would deposit to the site and then on-site transactions are instant making it feel less of a “money hassle” and more of a fun online “token” like in a game where you can buy things and trade and tip with the in-game “currency”

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iisurge Agree,
I would not want to implement all these ideas, more i was having a mini brain dump to get some discussion on the topic.

Ultimately, having the experience as embedded as possible is important here and everywhere and that is what i am aiming for.
The challenge of site hosted wallets for tipping, vs using the users own wallet is going to be a trade off between security and accessibility
However you raise an interesting point that i hadnt thought of where tipping could be “contained” within a site

My view was a little broader.
e.g I run a blog and someone tips me on a particular post (funds go to my defined browser wallet address)
I come here and participate in a discussion and feel that someone deserves some crypto love
I can call on my funds directly from my browser wallet, and not have to think about transferring to the local storage.
The funds are transferred directly from my wallet to yours
So, my little bucket of crypto love can be used everywhere without thinking on localising.

With the way the wallets works, you could have as many wallet addresses as site you participate in and send/receive funds as required (ie, you register an address of your own wallet, rather than a tipbot address).

Again, there is no right or wrong way, but i was taking a lead from the current implementation here on this forum and trying to improve on some ideas.

The Browser Wallet does make most of the above easy,
But, i would like to see BIP21 improved to handle desktop (QT) wallets if possible (call QT, if browser wallet not installed)
But i digress, as it is not important for functionality, rather future improvements

I am after more feedback on the front end as this is what needs to work seemlessly

Another teaser of what i have been working on

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Gnasher whats a Reddizen?

I like this one
-If it were a button associated with tipping, would seeing an associated tip count suffice (total count of tips)?
Also if you hover over button, maybe a little box can show the most recent tip transactions.

shhhh Redd|coin =><=Cit|izen

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Gnasher I workedrthat bit out, I am just curious one what one is :slight_smile:

Well, i am no marketing person, but as i was bashing away at the keyboard and dreaming of Reddcoin, i was thinking what is a word or phrase that could describe someone in the Reddcoin community. Something short and catchy

Naturally i wanted to utilise Reddcoin as a primary factor
I just needed something to capture the sentiment of a group or collective of like minded people
So, thinking about the different words that describe a group of people i narrowed it down to to a few different words

I then looked about how to combine those combinations into a catchy phase

Reddizen was my best result

So what is a Reddizen?
Anyone who participates in the Reddcoin community.

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Gnasher we commonly go by reddheads (;

True enough. And i dont have a problem with that word either. It is used throughout most of the Reddcoin communications.
This is not a request to change… far from it
BrownSlaughter was after an explanation of the meaning as he was able to do a bit of sleuthing to be able ask that question in the first place. (: Kudos to him as i have not released any info (until now) as it is a little premature.

The term Reddizen is purely an indulgence by me, thinking and working outside the box. (:

If someone is working on a nodebb reddcoin tipping plugin, please release it as a npm package!