Quick Reddcoin.Net update

I’m working with Gnasher to implement the RPC calls for requesting and verifying payments whenever our time overlaps (being 14 hours behind him makes it hard). I’ve also implemented an API in my test website that utilizes Reddcoin.Net as well as HMAC verification to prevent unauthorized API based RPC calls. It also only will allow the API to be hit from any particular games with the same setup (hashing functions and algorithms) and verified public and private keys. The withdraw, move, dumping, or other means to relocate funds to another wallet will be disabled as well so nobody can try hacking coins from the wallet…I want to keep this whole platform as secure as possible.
Up next, the paywall that is going to be standard on all games (this is an arcade, and just like an arcade, it costs at least a quarter). A quick roadmap:

  1. Paywall functionality to use for all games built
  2. First Game (Tower Defense) rolled out
  3. High Score 50/50 payday
  4. Create in-game purchases
  5. Add levels / maps / etc…
  6. New Games

I will have to also introduce a “withdraw” feature for players who obviously don’t want to keep all their winnings on the website…
Plugging away, slowly but surely…Not bad for a single body studio…

Single Body Studios is releasing CodeRedd Games, an online arcade that promotes the use of Reddcoin through gaming. In-Game purchases, chances to win prizes, and no “dice” or other “gambling” games.