Raspberry Pi as wallet for staking

So I have turned my raspberry pi as Reddcoin wallet and planning to use it to stake and support the network. I have compiled and have Reddcoin wallet running but I had same issue like my PC that is wallet not syncing with the network. And also, can I do bootstrap method to update the wallet?

anyone has solution to my raspberry pi issue? still not syncing till today.

Hey sum.

Yes, i think can help. I need to know the exact model of your router, which ISP are you using, and also the model and OS of your RasPi (Default is Model B w/ Raspbian). It goes without saying that you compiled the v1.4.1.0 wallet right?

Also, i can upload the whole blockchain somewhere or you’re looking at a week long sync, even w/ the (old-ish) bootstrap file and the Pi o/c to 1 Ghz.

i’m using huawei b593 lte routrer and my isp is celcom. i have successfully compiled the problem is the wallet is not synchronizing with the network. happen with my pc 1st. i have enable upnp tho

do i have to add .conf file like in Windows wallet?

On mobile now so i’ll have to keep it short. If you haven’t already, here’s how to log into your router:


You’ll have to forward port 45444 your RasPi. Look for port mapping:


Tope it helps, ley me know (note that this should work, but you’ll also be running the RasPi as a full node - further helping the network!)


Spaniah autocorrect FTW.

sum said:

do i have to add .conf file like in Windows wallet?

That could certainy help. Try that first.

Didi how to do it? lol… show me the way



  • Close the Qt.
  • Browse through the RasPi to /home/USERNAME/.reddcoin.
  • create a new file there called reddcoin.conf and add the following:
  • Restart the Qt. If it works let it do its thing and come back a week later.

Second (Optional, or not):

  • In your browser navigation bar, type
  • A prompt will appear, leave the username field blank (OR write down blank, i don’t own that router so i’m guessing at this point) and write down admin as the password.
  • You in? Good. Now browse to Port Mapping using the nav bar.
  • Now we need to know the RasPi’s IP. Open a terminal and type sudo ip addr show. Your IP should show as 192.168.1.x (x being anything from 0 to 255. Is yours 34? Three points for me).
  • Go back to your browser, where you left before. At the upper right you’ll see a tab that says add item. From now on i have no idea but just make it so port (both TCP and UDP) 45444 is pointing at your RasPi’s IP.
  • ???
  • Profit.

I can take a few screenshots if you want, but this should suffice i think. Otherwise a really quick google search will give you all the info you need.

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Didi it works after i put .conf file. yay


Yes. Just put the file into .reddcoin, Are you naive with command? The basic should be ls -l -a. I proably have understood why people prefer the Auto box instead of the H box.

Suppose power no issues.

Before put the file into, It is better to

Check LAN connection first, is that up or is that down? If up, then you should receive information like ip, masking. If down, ifconfig the thing up. You will need to sudo up.

Then check firewall and router first, Note that some routers require manual set up instead of using uPnP. Assume port 45444.

The remain is on you.