RasPi. Saw a post on reddit that piqued my interest. I dont have the skills to do this, but how awesome would a talking staking wallet be?

This seems like it would awesome to show off. I dont have the skills to do it, having never worked with a RasPi. However, I would be willing to help fund something like this to become reality (If its realistic of course)

Something about a raspi staking AND talking when it generates coins, seems completely cool.

Also as a side not.

If this project is feasable, I would completely want one after created. Imagine creating this (if it doesnt already exist) and open sourcing it for this and other coins. great marketing for reddcoin (due to github).

Imagine if this were created, and being able to each order raspi’s to stake with. Having (insert cool voice here) tell us that we just generated coins…

Im willing to put 30 bucks towards the development. No sweat. Maybe others would be interested in helping to create a bounty for this.

I figure a bounty format or similar. Either sending my funds to the reddcoin devs to be disbursed upon showing of a working version with github, or just by adding my portion of any funding, to a central funding wallet, controlled by an upstanding member of the community.

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I had saw it too but I don’t have the time right now to pull it off!

My programing mostly just Arduino related. I’m sure it is nothing too complicated to do but time is essence.

I had leaved a possible implementation. Not difficult to pull it of.

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would not be that hard to do, most linux distros have voice emulation applications in them. Just would need a script to do an api call every now and then and when it reported back new coins in the wallet, have it call a voice script to say what ever the user wanted. would need a speaker added to the pi which would not be hard to do either more than likely. could probably run it as a cron job set to run the api call every hour or so or what ever time the user wanted it set for instead of running as a looped application.

This is a great idea. I’m actually considering a RasPi with a compiled wallet and a few hundred thousand rdd loaded as a christmas gift, i know of several people who would love a Pi and, if loaded with RDD ready to steak, even better! :smiley:

If you finally do it, consider using this RDD case template instead of your typical boring plastic case, you can print it at home and even save a few bucks! (due credit goes to the blank template creator, quality paper and a couple of small venting holes are recommended).

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Drakona take a look if you have time he is giving some extra redds for it.

Im pretty sure this would end up on Hackaday. Ive had a few things featured and it works wonders for traffic, or to connect with like minded people.

Artur I understand the basics but the scripting it self is what has me stuck. Getting the api call to work right and then call the other script either saying either incoming coins detected or transaction confirmed or something similar.

I know it can be done with linux. even windows could do it using a simple macro that ran along side the client in a endless loop doing api calls at set times and once received a positive result could then call another script to play the file. or start the text to speech reader and say what was placed in text file at that point.

On windows I used to use a program called autoit to make simple apps that did simple routine tasks over and over again. Have not messed with that in years though. Used it mainly for botting in runescape or diablo 2.