RDD and Super Chat

A buddy in an FB crypto group was asking questions about ReddCoin.
After giving a description, he replied, “Oh! like Super Chat on Youtube?”

Sparked a great idea so I thought I’d run it by you guys.
Do you all think it’s a good idea to pitch RDD to services like Youtube Super Chat (or others) as means to tip content creators or get comments pinned on live streams as such?
After all, Reddcoin was designed to be the tipping platform for Social Networks yes?

Just a thought.
What do you guys think?

I like the idea of this! Even if YouTube won’t take it on yet, other platforms that are similar might be willing to give us a shot! :smiley:


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thank you!
i felt the same way about youtube already being so established but i wanted to present an example of possible real world use for ReddCoin.
I also wanted to raise the question of other services like this where RDD can fit in as a tipping platform or as a means to “tip to pin a comment” kind of mechanic.
who knows? RDD might very well see itself as a tipping/comment pinning platform on youtube :wink:

also, any idea how i can move this under Marketing and PR section?
It seems i have posted this under the wrong topic.


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I agree! I wonder if anyone in the RDD community could even help set up a site to implement this system on to try?..

And I don’t know how you can move it, but you could always make a repost…


Getting attention anywhere and everywhere is good. As we know Facebook is already looking to get into crypto. Facebook would be the number 1 choice. Hopefully someone at Reddcoin has already contacted them even before the petition gets turned in. Reddcoin needs a good PR man.