RDD sent to address while wallet syncing, RDD not in there after


I bought 11,208.08 RDD yesterday and sent it to the following address of the Reddcoin wallet which I installed yesterday:


I sent it while the wallet was syncing with 3 years 47 weeks left to go. While fiddling around trying to figure out how to receive the RDD more quickly , I went into settings>options and clicked “reset options”. I reopened the wallet and realised the receiving address I used above was not there anymore. I did a bit of searching and realised that I needed to make it sync quicker so I downloaded the bootstrap.dat file. Now it is completely synced, however there is no RDD in there.

I have a feeling my RDD is all lost because the “reset option” has reset the wallet as well. Is there anyway I can recover those RDD in that address above?

Thanks for your help!

it says you own it so that should be a relief:

did you backup the wallet.dat file when you first set up?

No, I unfortunately did not back up the wallet. I think I cannot recover it because it reset and created a new wallet along with receiving addresses when I clicked “reset options”. I thought reset options would just return settings to default but not affect the wallet itself.

Guys always make sure your wallet is completely installed and running correctly… BACK UP AND COLD STORE!

Dont send coins until this is done!


  • backup yourwallet.dat file from the wallet that’s currently holding your coins.

  • Uninstall wallet and start again

  • Once your new wallet is up, installed correctly and synced uptodate. Install your saved wallet.dat.

  • To check your balance goto: https://live.reddcoin.com
    Enter your receiving addresses to see balance.

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