RDD Stuck in Pending (Poloniex)..

Hi, recently i found out i have ~100k RDD since 2 years ago on poloniex.
That coin been delisted from there awhile ago, so i asked them to withdraw it a week ago, but the request still in pending.
Tried to open ticket at support, still no answer. Have anyone had simillar issue?

Did you ever get your RDD from Poloniex I have the same issue.

There is no transaction id just sitting there in pending.

rebelbubba You should have transferred it from somewhere, right? Or did you exchange it vs bitcoin on poloniex?
If you’ve transferred it from somewhere - just check the transaction ID. It should show how many confirmations ar there, but I guess they are sufficient. Have you contacted their support?

The coins where in my Poloniex wallet on the exchange and I initiated a with drawl to my reddcoin wallet…I have contacted support with no answer…