RDDCompanion Chrome Extension

This extension is a rdd toolbar ticker at its heart but with added features


  • new reddcoin subreddit features - Displays balance, estimated time to stake and rdd price in the /r/Reddcoin subreddit

  • 4 wallet support - Gets balance and estimated time to stake.

  • Ticker - Gets current reddcoin price from cryptsy and displays in on a toolbar badge and updates the price every 15 seconds.

  • PosV calculator - will calculate interest for 5 years. (your balance is default value)

  • Currency converter - Enter a rdd coin amount and have it convert the price of the reddcoins to BTC and USD. (your balance is default value)

  • Integrated Faucet - Now included thanks to fauc.at

  • Facebook - Stay up to date on the reddcoin news with the reddcoin facebook feed.

  • Links - Some handy bookmarks to save you time.

Please leave feedback and tell me what features you would like added and if you enjoy the extension please feel free to donate

Reddcoin address: RhB7FJxydn9SMYfq6MVNEu24JX61XF1pU6
BTC address: 1E2FAeEzLgGTHasyf9nJXpa3W8YKvrLMka

or find me on http://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin

Change Logs

Change log for 1.7
Added Functionality to reddcoin subreddit

Change log for 1.6
Fixed a small bug with unconfirmed transactions

Change log for 1.5
Added 4 wallet support
Added wallet summary
Added Estimated Time to stake
Added options page
Updated calculator codes
Layout Overhaul

update 1.4
Added Cryptsy api service status
Added 5% interest PosV calc
Added WeSellRedd.com link for buying ReddCoin
Updated calc for Hypothetical sat prices

BrownSlaughter what a great tool that showcases the official Reddsight API. Kudos.


BrownSlaughter Love your toolbar, great job! :o)


Indeed an excellent tool. Great work my friend!!

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Love the latest features - keep up the great work!

What does the number in the black square represent? (The number on the reddcoin logo)

reddreefer the current reddcoin/bitcoin price on cryptsy

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Joawsch ah nice :slight_smile:

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Nice work! Tip incoming

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Great work BrownSlaughter
Tip Sent.
A small suggestion would be to tooltips as you move mouse over icons

Gnasher good suggestion, I think I have it on the to do list but development has been put on hold over the holidays :slight_smile:

BrownSlaughter NP, everyone deserves a holiday. Take a well earned rest.
It is amazing the amount of development coming out from the RDD community.

2015 is gearing up to be a wonderful year for RDD.