RDDtv - Coming Soon on YouTube!

RDDtv - Coming Soon on YouTube!

Hello everyone, and thank you for your interest in a brand new bi-monthly web-series that will focus on specific application topics for Reddcoin in society. Each month there will be two videos - I will host a new topic during Part A, and then do a follow-up video to share the communities ideas each time for Part B.

I plan on typing the findings up each week and sending them to Reddcoin, whether they chose to read them or not. I’m hoping RDDtv becomes an easy reference for new Reddcoin Investors who may not understand the various uses Reddcoin could potentially fulfill.

After Part A each month, I will post a forum to reddcointalk.org and will open it up to discussion within the community!

Today, before the channel launches, I’d like to offer a quick introduction and why I created this channel. Enjoy!!

To start, I guess I should answer “Who Am I?” What makes me qualified to host this? Let me start by saying that I am simply a Reddcoin INVESTOR and HOLDER (or HODLer if you prefer) - I do not have affiliation with their Dev team or inner circle, and I lack technical skills in the blockchain arena. However, I believe my talents are suited better elsewhere, and this web-series is my first stab at contributing (more than just shouting #RDD from the rooftops on Twitter).

The thing that struck me about Reddcoin initially was that it was such an easily-graspable idea to me… create a way for humans to interact socially with more than static symbols, such as likes or retweets. Simple! I totally get it - makes a lot of sense. We spend most of our waking hours glued to a screen anyway.

But once I started to look outside the box, I started to see more that Reddcoin could do - and I believe there are applications well beyond content tipping.

I believe that the success of Reddcoin will ultimately depend on a single human trait that we all possess in different levels of degree - and that is “Impulsiveness”.

Now, when I say “impulsiveness”, the connotation is generally negative because we associate impulsiveness with negative habits; gambling, drinking, spending, etc….

But I would argue that humans are just as likely to be impulsive in times of sorrow, hilarity, tragedy, or community outreach.

Imagine a world for a second where everyone has Reddcoin on their phones. We’ll explore my ideas for the “mobile experience” in Webisode 101 - Part A, but just for the sake of this argument - imagine an easy-to-use app exists and the name “Reddcoin” is familiar to the masses.

Ok, now imagine a hurricane. Who remembers Harvey last summer? Katrina in ’05? The biggest problem I see with the current “donation” process (speaking as a US citizen) is that it’s clunky. It has improved over the years - for instance, during Harvey you could simply text your donation. Not a bad move forward!

But what about Reddcoin? Imagine you get a notification on your phone and have that instant, impulsive feeling to contribute, even if it’s simply to feel your human side. I think we have all had this feeling. I know if Reddcoin was mainstream, it would encourage me to participate more often (micro-donations are BRILLIANT if you think at scale). But it’s not just that - it’s the SPEED!! Can you imagine FEMA sending an alert and having instant funding the second the announcement begins to get recirculated?

This is just one idea of many that I would like to explore and get people chatting about.

Background - I am 31 years old and a Denver native. I focused on communication and public speaking in college, have a BA from Colorado State University Class of ’08, and for 9 years I’ve held various positions in sales, PR, client relations and management, and I routinely speak to large groups as part of my role in events industry, which I’ve now been apart of for 5 years!

I can’t offer a technical perspective on RDD or any blockchain-based platform, but it’s on my list of 2018 Resolutions to try and learn more.

I believe my strengths involve bringing people together to get them talking, and I also feel that sharing ideas is the quickest way to progress. As we go through this series, try and pull yourself away from looking at this as an investor, and instead focus on the CONSUMER experience. As a USER of Reddcoin everyday in the future, what do you want to see? What’s important to you?

Join me for Webisode 101 - Part A - Early Adaption and the Mobile Experience. Details for Pilot will be posted. I’d love to launch in the next 30-45 days.

Thanks for reading! I really hope this is something that our community can rally behind.

Great idea!
Looking forward to see your show.

I really hope that the people at reddcoin will contribute as wel (maybe through your show) by answering some questions form the public.

I must say, i just dropped half of mij RDD stack today just because there is an enormus lack of information.
I see so much potential in RDD but i really have no idea what they are doing at reddcoin.
And yes i’ve read a lot of comments from poeple having these same issues as me and others tend to react in a way telling them that the community is the force of RDD but i really don’t beleive that.

Don’t want to be the negative one but come on Reddcoin, as an social coin start communicating with your community.
Some tips, and maybe you can somehow put some things in perspective in your YouTube show (if someone at reddcoin answers)

  • Update your website… seriously its been the same for over a year.
  • Make a genuine roadmap and show us your progress.

Some things we, or the poeple reddcoin can do right now is get 1 artist, and i believe it will just take 1 artist, to put an reddcoin tip adress underneath their YouTube vid and we are going to the moon! The rest will follow!

Again i hope this piece is not to negative but they really need to work on their communication skills before it is to late, if it isn’t already.
Your show, although unofficialy, is a great step forwards and i hope reddcoin will provide you with answers so you can feed our community.
Really really great idea ColoCrypto! I’m looking forward to it.

p.s. sorry for my poor english (i’m not native)


Hi ColoCrypto,

Currently travelling to my work with the train in the morning and just read you post. I like your ideas and it already had an instant positive effect on me! I think that these kind of messages and steps taken is what it takes to carry out RDD! This coin has great potential and it all starts within the RDD community to spread out the positive vibe!

The RDD micro donations could really work because it’s basically the little things that makes a big difference. It’s not that I’m, like we say in dutch, “more catholic than the pope”. And of course I would like to see RDD to start taking-off! And honestly that was perhaps my first intention when I bought my first RDD coins. But, now the community already starts doing it’s work. Suddenly I got tipped on twitter and I’m reading more messages on the Reddcointalk site and not constantly checking the values of my RDD coins anymore. I like the idea that we as a community can also sponsor different medical research projects. What would it be cool that RDD was one the contributors that helped out in solving a disease.

So, great post! And hopefully it planted a seed in the community to start thinking about the potential energy that the RDD coin has!



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This sounds like a good idea!! I’ll promote it on Twitter https://twitter.com/PasCarbs… Post it up here for your chance to win “The Prize Pool” https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/1744/lets-get-reddcoin-into-the-public-eye-win-competition-pool-coins-2018

So ColoCrypto, how are we doing on that show of yours?
Looking forward on it!

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for your responses so far. I’m hoping to really think this through and make it fun/good… Hoping to launch sometime in the next month or two.

Awesome idea… I"ve sent out a few Tweets for you :slight_smile:

Would be great to see Reddcoin Represented on Youtube with constant factual news, updates, and business achievements. Maybe even a segment on people/businesses using Reddcoin to profit wealth and social gains.
Then there’s gaming? Reddcoin Minecraft Plugin now available.https://reddconomy.it/#About

Get this happening now before someone else beats you to it :wink: Check twitter for heaps of good stories… I’d be more than happy to assist :slight_smile:

Great idea. I think it’s important that this will be published primarily on the official Reddcoin YouTube channel! We need integrated marketing https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/2572/some-thoughts-on-marketing

I own quite a bit of Reddcoin and do not like to say anything negative about a coin I invested in. I posted some things on another site about the plan and John Nash some responses came back saying, we are a great community and I am talking crap, I am new to the site, etc. etc.
Tipping is a great way to introduce people to the coin, this is true! I am quite aware of Redd ID, The Minecraft thing, Twitter, etc. These things are great but other companies can and will do the same things in different ways.
Many people trying to do great things for this coin, once again, Great!

I agree that there needs to be some kind plan from Reddcoin and Nash himself. Maybe there is but I cannot tell. The clock is ticking. Many coins are already on the market and many are coming out that will compete with Reddcoin and other coins. Many coins have been financed millions of dollars with a plan and have a team working on different things, full time. These are the coins that have a better chance of survival. Decentralized or not, the goal is to get the price moving up so we can all make money. How many would keep holding this coin if it hit $1.00? I believe most would cash out never to be heard of again or at least sell a good portion of their positions Why? Because unless there is a plan with some structure it could go back down to a penny again.
Part-time work on a coin from everyone is not going to work. There are going to be problems and who is going to address them?
My personal opinion, someone needs to take over the helm with a plan or it’s going to be chaos.
Let’s face it, we are all here not to have fun with the coin but to make money.
I still own the coin and will continue to support it.
I do not enjoy reading or posting negative things about any coin I have such as this coin.

Reddcoinrulez said it the way it is. Agree 100%


I agree 100%. Have been trying to reach out and offer my help but no response as of yet (to be fair I send DM’s yesterday).

But it seems the Reddcoin does not understand the value of basic communication. For instance:

  • On Reddit I’m seeing Reddcoin team members say things like “stop asking us when Redd-ID is going to be launched”. While the problem is, obviously, there is NO UPDATE AT ALL.
  • Same thing goes for activities on Facebook and Twitter. I saw someone ask why there has been so little activity? The response: “we have a Facebook and Twitter account” (or something like that).

Many people are sending clear signals that communication and marketing must be improved NOW. Or the coin will die. Another coin will take over this task. So let me clarify: I’m not saying Redd-ID and other tech things should be finished already. That takes time. I get that. But communicate with the community!

I also have quite a lot RDD so it hurts me to say these things. But they seem necessary to wake up the team.

I offered my help already and I do it now. I have a small online marketing agency (Netherlands) so we have expertise in email marketing, website optimization, social media, advertising etcetera. We can certainly help with all kinds of things.

I also said something like this here: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/2572/some-thoughts-on-marketing

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