Really easy faucet

2.8 rdd per add view but the adds load automatically so earn afk

Seriously … no ! Impossible to withdraw until 40 points seriously ?!![text alternatif](url de l’image) It’s not a faucet it’s just trap … my opinion.text alternatif

KamaradCrypto I started yesterday and had a payout yesterday its not hard to earn 40 points. You can do more than watch some videos I do a survey get my RDD built up and cash out any extra earnings this has been fun and hopeful for earning passive income to reinvest.

shadowradio Thanks for info … i will give a try just for “fun”. Thanks !

you couldn’t of gotten paid it takes them 7 days to pay out its not instant

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KamaradCrypto interesante mesaje

reddcoinmaniac Thank you for the information I try and I … you are perfectly right when you say that we can earn money starting with minimal investment. I made a $ 35 investment I made $ 4000 … so it’s possible … a great day!

Here’s another little faucet site.

oogabarooga Stop it.

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This is not a scam I’ve withdrawn three times now

KamaradCrypto 40 points takes nothing to get that. Faucets are just that they drip drip drip and eventually you get some pretty decent coin out of it. Everybody wants to get rich quick scheme these days

joshvk it takes up to 7 days however I have always received my payout within 24 hours of request. Requests are manual so if they were overwhelmed they reserve the right to take up to 7 days

it can take up to 45 days to get your payout… if you did surveys, the site waits until they see if the surveyor will pay them. Then you get paid… once it took 2 weeks for RDD to get into my wallet. good site overall but the points given are very inconsistent. Sometimes you watch for an hour and you get no points at all… rarely they come in fairly quickly.

Here is a pretty good Faucet with referral: