Red coin wallet stopped working while staking now out of sync

my reddcoin wallet stopped working while staking and receiving one stake which was “generated but Not accepted generated”

I restarted the wallet and its now out of sync and appears not to be re synchronizing at all…? i have tried this several times and its not synchronizing at all and the time period each restart is only getting longer…

note its saying 0 active connections to reddcoin network bottom left icon.

possibly i only need to some how re synchronize the wallet so it has an open connection to reddcoin network…?

is this a common problem that is going to happen every time a stake is received but not excepted…?

It would be greatly appreciated for any help in the simplest way to fix this problem as im not the best around the computer fixing such problems unless shown step by step. :thinking:

best regards …

This is not a common problem and will not happen on every stake :wink:

You can try this to fix your wallet: Wallet corrupted and re-indexing error in wallet

Thank you i will try this now…

ALL working now Thank you :+1::sunglasses:

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