Redcoin price predictions 2019 and review

I predict 1$/rdd in 2019.

1$ is too much for a such coin. 0.1$ will be a huge success

It rose 200 times in value from 2014 until the bitcoin peak in 2018. Definitely not impossible to get to 1$. All depends on bitcoin. It creates the market incentive.

Yes 200 times from 2014, but you speak about one year, now is the end of February and market is bearish still, RDD needs more time to hit 1$ than one year i think

I dont think so man. I am speaking with experience when I say that it depends on the price of Bitcoin. If bitcoin starts to accelerate - sky is the limit for RDD. It could take a few days or a few weeks. No one really knows. But it is definitely possible.

Ok, your variant is possible too