redd coin wallet wont open

having an issue my wallet stop working almost 1 month ago, when I click to open it try to open and then hides, it shows on toolbar that is open but when I click on it nothing happens just stays there

rnick What is the longest you’ve waited to click the tray icon? Usually, if you click the splash screen (the first window that comes up) it will hide until the main program is ready. Do you think it’s syncing? Have you tried to do this daily?

If you leave it alone for a bit, maybe check Task Manager, see that it’s using CPU on and off – then it’s just syncing. Lock ups are normal when it’s syncing.

The simplest solution is just to be patient.

Be very careful who you get to help with Wallet problems I had a guy from here help me and he helped himself to just over $2000 worth ot Coin plus left me a working wallet that I find he left in a locked position to which I have added my new stock of REDD to and of course do not know the paraphrase he set up. So I now have a wallet with coin working by all I see but my own money is locked up.

I would still like to contact someone who is actually from REDD who may have a manual or some way to simply pass on the good news.

I am beginning to think I should’t buy REDD. There was one genuine guy came forward from here but I wiped his name out of fear.



miteonetwo I took care of banning that guy and have all of his details. He thinks he was slick but that’s all I’ll say about the matter.

Also, I made a post about it here

Hello together i have the same problem… about 10 hours ago it was working well… i shut down computer and now i want to restart and i get only a white window and in the system i see that the core is running…
so if i start the core i see the startup and that the blockchain will load. after that is written loading is finished and it goes to the toolbar. If i want to click on it or move over it, i only see a white window…

Is anybody here how can help me?


deinhellig it sounds like the qt UI is not rendering properly, or is frozen. I know this may seem unrelated, but you can try to maximize the wallet and see if it redraws itself. If it’s white, and it maximizes then it should be forced to redraw the window. If it’s frozen, the window will not maximize.

Just give it time if it is frozen.


thank you no it works

lvtion can you tell me when i am staking if othres can see all my data? I want to stake but am afraid i get hacked.
There seems to be no info on internet about this.

marvelick2015 Staking does not open additional resources to the internet. You should be fine with your wallet unlocked for staking only. Remember to open port 45444 on your router to allow Reddcoin-Qt to acquire more peer connections on the network. More peers = more efficiency.