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Hello everyone,

I like to share our latest service with you that has been released on 9 - 12 - 2017
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About Redd Core

Redd Core is a division of Redd Online that specializes in providing alternative solutions towards the Reddcoin cryptocurrency. With our proven track records, we are able to commit to turn-key innovative projects from Supplying of professional tools & network platforms to Applying the needs and demands correctly based on accurate market research and finally Complying to the standards and requirements from the financial decentralized innovations.

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Here are a few of our benefits!

3 Gigabyte Disk Space
You can currently upload up to 3 Gigabyte of data for free. We do include Amazon disk space integration for extra free disk space.

High-Speeded Bandwidth
Your website will have high speed bandwidth at all times. We strive towards multiple servers worldwide.

Drag And Drop Page Builder
Making beautiful pages was never so easy! With the Live drag and drop builder, you can design pages within minutes.

Worldwide Multilingual
Wether you want to make custom translations or automatic Google translation for your content it’s all available.

Google Engine Optimization
Our REDDHOSTED Wordpress websites include professional SEO tools that will help you to improve your audience

Mobile Responsive Websites
All Wordpress themes that are available at REDDHOSTED are completely optimized for all devices on the market!.

Ecommerce integration with Reddpay
Building websites with Redd Hosted also mean that you can also allow customers to pay with Reddcoins on your website. The integration is already available and you can set up your receiving address through the official GOURL.IO API.

Video of how to make a beautiful website with the Redd hosted web builder