Redd-ID to be Rebranded - Help Decide New Name!

Just saw this post on reddit

Reddcoin - монета! Redd-ID - расширение! Reddcoin is a coin! Redd-ID - extension!

Please help me understand the strategy behind re-branding Redd-ID if the coin name is not being rebranded. That would be helpful when thinking of a knew name. If the coin is going to stay Reddcoin then I think Redd-Id is perfect. Obviously if the coin is rebranded Redd-ID should be rebranded as well.

dddthemachine don’t shoot the messenger

ReddheadDon Lol just trying to gain an understanding of why it’s being rebranded. No shots fired :wink:

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I have got new name TIPPCOIN

is Redd-ID a more like a platform for social engagement or just a wallet name? my understanding its a mini-platform. Am I wrong?

rizo that name is too limiting in case you want to do other things with the coin later I think.


rizo at some point may want to do more than tip with the coin.

dddthemachine like bday presents on Facebook

maybe: Sociality, Socicoin (social), SocialID,
or something else. idk :slight_smile:

Waist of time! I think this is Reddcoins way to get more time to release Redd-ID cos it still doesn’t work. Reddcoin is a piece of shit!

Fruchocs Sell all your coins, you deserve to stay poor

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I don’t feel a re-branding is a good move at this point. RDD development has been incredibly slow… and for the last year everyone (including myself) has been talking up the benefits of REDD-ID… We have endured some long hardships waiting for this to be released… All the while advertising for a product that you now want to change the name of? Maybe lets focus on just getting the thing released so that the stake holders can finally see some rewards from this coin. I love RDD, and I think the platform will have an excellent future… but I don’t feel re-branding before even releasing the product is a very wise decision… People have heard of Redd-ID and are waiting for it… Think of it this way… if Microsoft or Sony or whoever spends a year advertising a new product… pushing the name out to the masses in anticipation of a glorious release… then they change the name of the product just weeks before it is released… How would this possibly be good business strategy? Quite simply… its NOT…


rizo Fedoracoin already uses the TIPS symbol for trading on exchanges. Product differentiation would be an issue with the names you have suggested.

But if I had to suggest a name… TippeRDD (Pronounced “Tipper’d”) Something that points directly to RDD in the name would be a good move…

XXXJAYXXX I agree with you. Not to mention I like the name. Unleeeeess Redd-ID offers many other social features that it needs a broader social name, in which I would opt for something like Redd-Connect.

Redd-Connect would be the mini platform that you would navigate and your Redd-ID would be your actual ID address name.

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