Redd Wave: a blog dedicated to fish keeping and Reddcoin

My future hopes for my blog and how I imagine Reddcoin as being an incentive to achieve these
This is an experiment to see if reddcoin can help make my hobby free of charge for me.

I hope to one day be able to earn enough money through sharing my interest in aquariums with the internet to reach a point where my hobby doesn’t cost me anything. Reddcoin is, I think, the future social currency and will be the best way to achieve this, and this is why I have decided to go with the name ReddWave - Redd because reddcoin will make my idea possible, and Wave because of its’ link to both water and the metaphor for something new.

Why do I think reddcoin is the best way to facilitate this? I think reddcoin through the genius of its’ technology, and the many future social network implementations will be able to make sharing content much more rewarding. People in the future will maybe instead of expensive subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify each month set some new reddcoins aside to tip the content creators they enjoy directly. See it is hard to tip now: you have to use your own fiat money and be linked to some other website if you for instance want to donate to someone on youtube. Instead you will simply have to click a button to tip someone. Many people out there want to donate to projects they like as we can see on kickstarter and through the reddit gold function for instance. People want to thank the creators, I have downloadet a lot of torrented music, and I would love to pay the musicians directly as a thank you, this is of course impossible now, but if reddcoin gets adopted it will be able to facilitate stuff like this. So basically reddcoin is just facilitating and making it even more fun and personally rewarding for the tipper to be able to say thank you and the tippee for feeling appreciated and inspired to do more.

I am not going to make too many of these posts, but once in a while I will tell you my experiences and progression with the idea.

Best regards Kian

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