ReddBot - IRC Tip bot

%(#fa0000)[ReddBot] !!

IRC Tipping made easy!

Hello everyone, I am currently in the progress of coding an IRC tipping bot, which will include various features, which I hope IRC users will find useful.

List of features:

  • User system*
  • Reddcoin tipping**
  • Reddcoin prices***
  • Channel request****
  • Auto +v (Voice)*****
  • Forum account linking
  • Linking IRC network accounts******

More to come!

* Users will be able to register with %(#fa0000)[ReddBot], with a valid mail and reddcoin address. When registered they’ll be able to sign in aswell. They will get a Reddcoin address assigned to their account to deposit coins into, so they can use the tipping feature (More information will come)

** Only registered and logged users will be able to tip . Available tipping function will be:

  • To Reddcoin address
  • To email
  • To Bitmessage address
  • To username

*** Live Reddcoin prices quotes from various exchanges.

**** Request %(#fa0000)[ReddBot] to join an channel. (Will need admin approval, to prevent spam & overload)

***** %(#fa0000)[ReddBot] will give users which are logged in +v (voice). (If allowed by channel owner)

****** If %(#fa0000)[ReddBot] is running on multiply IRC networks, then user will be able to link their account into one.

I’ll try to keep this post updated as I develop, shouldn’t go long before I have something ready.
Please, do not hesitate asking if you have equation. features for %(#fa0000)[ReddBot] is also very welcome. %(#fa0000)[ReddBot] is made for the commonality.

Convertor what sort of scripting are you using? an eggbot? or another bot type scripting or writing this out from scratch?

Drakona I always code my stuff from scratch :slight_smile: It will be coded in PHP.

Convertor a php based bot… interesting… not seen many of those for irc.

Drakona That’s true. I’ve made many of those in my past, and proven to be very stable.

Plus it will make it easier to make an website for the bot aswell.

Updated OP

Convertor So will this be made public when done so anyone can use on their own network or one that they are a member/admin of or how will it be made available to use when done?

Drakona Will be controlled by member/admin.

Will maybe make it open source, never know :slight_smile:

when will this be ready?

johnbrainless Haven’t been working on it the last days, been busy with other task.

hope to continue it soonish.

While I love the idea of tip bots, a centralised tipbot may seem like a step in the wrong direction
will there be a option to tip people straight from a self owned wallet without using the tipbot account?

Also open source is always best for adoption so other channels/networks can have their own setup


How will you make it decentralized? please, do tell me? :slight_smile:

Well, its not possible for the bot to take coins from your self owned wallet, would be kinda bad if it could, wouldn’t it :wink: ?
But you’ll be able to get the users address, so you can tip from your own wallet, yes.

As said, I might open source is, I’ll decide later on. It both have pros and cons.

maybe a system like what this forum has, you register on the bot with your reddcoin address and then when you type something like “/tip brownslaughter” it will open a link for you as reddcoin:RvmwBpHbwQgLZcTvkcpdhGqt17FA11U1it?label=Tip%20To%20BrownSlaughter

I am pretty sure this would open the dialogue in your wallet/ browser wallet like the forum does, your tip bot would then be decentralised. This also has the advantage of easy upgradable to ReddId when released


BrownSlaughter That is a very good idea, Will use that method instead, thanks! :slight_smile:


I need to check if those kind of links works on IRC tho.

I’ll dig into it later today, see if I can get a stable version finish for testing etc.

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Finally some time to code on the bot.

And I am going to make it open source, as soon its stable and the code is optimized and what else.

developers, when I have a beta ready of the bot, can I join the reddcoin irc channel on freenode with it, and run it there? if I can then it will become the default tip bot for the reddcoin channel, so there doesn’t comes other on there. (Will support the whole freenode network ofc.)

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Convertor Sounds interesting. I’m not an IRC user but if you are interested you can join the reddhead devs group on github to share your code with other reddcoin third-party developers
contact me via chat if you are interested.

ReddcoinRocks replied on chat :slight_smile:

[18:28] == ReddTip [~ReddTip178.62.78.157] has joined #reddcoin
[18:30] You can use following commands:
[18:30] balance - displays your current wallet balance
[18:30] address - displays Reddcoin address where you can send your funds to the tip bot
[18:30] withdraw - withdraws your whole wallet balance to specified address (you will be charged 1 RDD withdrawal fee)
[18:30] tip - sends the specified amount of Reddcoin to the specified nickname
[18:30] rain [max] - splits amount coins between max users or the whole channel
[18:30] terms - displays terms and conditions for using ReddTip

Irc tipping bot now added to #reddcoin on freenode.

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