Reddcin payments processor

Does Reddcoin need a payments processor?

Doesn’t seem like anyone support Reddcoin yet, which is sad.

I wish to see Reddcoin success, and if people think there is demand for a payments processor for Reddcoin, then i’ll build one.

let me know what YOU think :slight_smile:

Convertor I think we have a couple is one and I will see if I can remember any others

BrownSlaughter ah okay.

Then I guess there ain’t need for another one.

Well that would depend on what usage it would have

I believe litepaid only works in Europe though. I don’t know of any that support USA.

BrownSlaughter What are you thinking?

Ryan Well, I’m unable to connect any banks or fiats, it would be a coin <-> coin system. even tho a coin <-> fiat would be neat, but I’ve never done that, so not sure how that would work.